I am a beast wikia user and I try to contribute to the site as much as I can. This site has helped me with all kinds of things on CP so I now return the favor.

About me

I like Club Penguin and I don't know if my penguin is rare but all I do know is I've played it for a long time. I've got items from 2009 to present so just hit me up or whatever on the CP wiki chat if you want to talk. I will listen to whatever you have to say.

About my Penguin

My penguin is a multi-personality penguin who can be anyone he wants and whenever he wants. That's how he rolls and continue to roll that way. He's also a master of Card Jitsu and it's elements so he can make you some hot sauce pizzas, serve you a couple glasses of water, and get you some ice cream at the speed of a Hydro Hopper so be ready! He's rich all the time and looking underwater for some sunken pirate treasure. He's a pirate on the high seas when he wants and other times he's a royal prince of the Kingdom of Club Penguin.

My favorite pages

  • Card Jitsu Snow
  • Adventure Party 2010
  • Card Jitsu Fire


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My contributions

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