aka Amibleu (On CP) Slime (On Snailschat)

  • I live in Why would I tell you? Stalker...
  • I was born on July 3
  • My occupation is Being Awesome.
  • I am Not a prep or pookie

You must accept that pookies in general are bad.
— Rekanochi

About Me

I play SnailsChat!(Link-->)[1] and my name on there is Slime. I like to make custom party hats, see gallery for proof!

About my Penguin

I started CP around late 2007, very early 2008. Feel free to add me!My name on cp is Amibleu! My first Anniversary Party for CP I attended was the 5th Anniversary Party. I missed the 2nd, 3rd, 4th (I attended, I just forgot to obtain the hat XD), and 6th. I also missed the Club Penguin Improvement Project, but atleast I got the Blue Mail Bag! My favorite parties ever were the Music Jam 2008, Festival of Flight, Water Party 2008, Music Jam 2009, and a few more. I HATE CP's Takeover parties because they're boring and unoriginal.

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Penguin's Name Amibleu
Favorites 5th Year Party Hat, Candy Cane Scarf
Member? Yes
First Pin Icecream Cone Pin
Famous Penguins Met Rookie
Date Joined Wiki July 1st 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin Late 2007-Early 2008
Admin? No

My Player Card.


My Non-member playercard.


Me as Darth Slime!

My favorite pages


Preps, Pookies, Penguins that think they're rare when they're not, Penguins who "Date" on CP, Advertising parties on CP, Cadence, I have many dislikes. I'll just think of some later...

Pin Tracker + Pictures of my penguins!

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2020 Updated Pin Tracker
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Loading_Arrows.gif Club Penguin has been discontinued.
Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
Yearbook 2008-2009 snapshot
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My Custom Pictures

Some button made by JW


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I'm part of the cast "It's Summer Time" :P

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