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Servers are sleet and big surf · room is Dock and town and plaza


I am in a good mood

my signturs

any time there is no party

-Snicks10 I am cool and so are you I rule and so do you! sup

June 2011

-Snicks10 rock on lets get this party started! sup

here is my logo

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Snicks10 tracker

online= no

sever= none

room= none



Did you know I have a wiki here is a link to it

first b-day on cp

my first b-day on cp is soon

Wanna take

here is a link to it

User:Snicks10/1 year b-day

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PWNed! Snicks10 beat Sensei and got the ninja mask! Sensei is now jealous!


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NAME Snicks10's penguin is called Snicks10.
Snicks10 is going to snicks10's 1 year b-day party!
OTHER This user's other penguin is called A penguin na.

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my test penguin

a penguin na
No Image.png

Full Name a penguin na
Species Penguin
Position EPF Agent
Appeared every party
Color aqua
Clothes Items every non member party clothes starting december
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Friends With cory8
Meetable Character? ?

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Snicks10 is Jewish.
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? snicks10 is currently dk.

For completing the Training Mission of Z Max1's.


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Your Local Time: 23:44

who needs the clock tower you have time right here

how my penguin formed

In 2005 in rockhopper iland rockhopper found me and raised me and took me to club penguin. Rockhopper is my dad. Sensai is my grandpa. Candence is my mom. Penguin band are my bros. Gary is my cousin. Aunt arctic is my aunt Uncle Arcic is my uncle.


pss I have an hq

click here