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The Contributions of Sonicpeguin6

To-Do list
  • Try not to steal anyones property
  • Try to earn Awards
  • Being polite to others


I'm sorry for all the trouble i caused because i was really new and i didn't knew how to edit and thats why i copied you so please give me another chance i swear to the wiki it will never happen again so please give me another chance.

My Stuff

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SonicPeguin6 joined the Federation of Penguins of 2008.
Autism This user has autism.
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Anchor Pin Sonicpeguin6 remembers the 11/12 October CP Wiki Crisis and once joined the Federation of Penguins!
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Coin Sonicpeguin6 has about 200,000 coins.
Turtle dictatorship Sonicpeguin6
likes the Absoulte Energie, der gefürchtete Schildkröte-Pilz, Diktator der Penguin-Enzyklopädie!!! They Hail TurtleShroom, and as such, are Turtlenators!! Yeah!
Ninja in-game Sonicpeguin6 is a ninja!
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What i'm up too

Well i was thinking of earning awards instead of stealing them from other people (by the way i'm sorry about that) so first of i will be editing some articles so that i get awards and aslo i hoping to be in the wall of worthy editors and this time i'm not gonna lie or copy someone else who iss in the wall of fame so i might say i did copy my page to have my stuff here so i hope make friends for real this time. Sonicpeguin6TALK TO ME E 19:78, 21 March 2009 (UTC)



What is your favorite wiki?

The poll was created at 22:44 on November 1, 2009, and so far 14 people voted.
Who is your favorite Penguin?

The poll was created at 22:44 on November 1, 2009, and so far 14 people voted.
What is your favorite color?

The poll was created at 22:44 on November 1, 2009, and so far 14 people voted.

My Band

Well to tell you the truth i don't really have a band but i'll edit some of the people who might want to join the band and showtimes.

  • SonicPeguin6- Bass Player, Trumpet
  • Spongebobrocks09- Hip Hop Dj, Guitar
  • 09patrick- Pop Dancer, Bass Player
  • Turtleshroom- Tuba, Backup pop singer
  • Barkjon- Tamborine, Keytar Player
  • welcomejohn- Piano, Hip Hop Singer

Concert: Pizza Parlor 7:00 EST (NOT REAL!!!, Just in Club Penguin)

Break: July 5th 2009 4:00 Pm

More About Me

Here is What i do in life:

  • i wake up for school
  • Take the trash out
  • Do my Regular Stuff in School
  • Play the Computer
  • Do my homrwork
  • Then Watch my Tv


In the weekends

  • I Wake up
  • My mom leaves me and my sister alone when she goes to work
  • My dad comes
  • Hes got suprises to take us anywhere
  • Sometimes i go to bitrhday parties
  • blahblahblahblahblah you know that rest

Yeah thats my life alright, SO YOU BETTER NOT FORGET THAT Sonicpeguin6TALK TO ME E 19:78, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

Ways of Mastering Dance Contest

This video will show you how to beat it (Beacause i'm too lazy to write it for you -_-)

File:CP vision 1

There well maybe it didn't show you but hey its just a video or if you have a problem with me then i will soon block you forever MWHAHAHAHAHA sorry :(

My Puffles

  • Jack (blue)
  • BroBro (Red)
  • Cindy (Pink)
  • Joe (Black)
  • Slappy (Green)
  • Jessica (Purple)
  • Mike (Yellow)
  • Chicken (White)

My pics

More of Club Penguin

I Usallly don't get pics in the wiki but i did got a sonic logo that stands for me but first of all let me tell you that it is a huge picture of me!!!!!!!!! :D

Sonic 72 80

Hello My name is sonic

Now here are the reasons why i like it.

  • Its cool
  • It stands for me
  • Nobody has it but maybe someone else has it too (REMIND ME IF SOMEBODY HAS THIS!!)
  • Sonic is my name!!!

Sonicpeguin6TALK TO ME E 19:78, 21 March 2009 (UTC)

My Friends

If you want to be my friend put your name here!

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