Splosh Jnr

aka Splosh Jnr

  • I live in In my Igloo
  • My occupation is Theorist
  • I am Male

About me

I've been playing club penguin since slightly before the Medieval Party of 2009, and have always loved learning as much about the game as possible. In 2019, I started up a Club Penguin Blog where I now post theories or information about the game every week (Saturday, 9:00pm sharp PST; if you're interested in that kind of thing) - you can read some of my favourite posts below.

Also, I strongly believe that the real-life Club Penguin books contain lots of interesting information that is often overlooked (especially in the pick-your-path books), for instance, the Official Annual 2012 quickly mentions that Sensei's favourite tea is made from the leaves of a White O'Berry Bush - who would've known?

Blog Posts to Check Out!

  • Captain Rockhopper isn't actually the first pirate from Club Penguin to set sail - but he was the first one to return... The Mystery of Cap'n Patch
  • Finally finding out what's inside that mysterious grey lodge beside the Ski Hill! Lights in the Lodge
  • Rainbow Puffles are actually just a made-up cover story for the EPF. You're going to have to read the post to understand. The Rainbow Puffle Conspiracy

My favourite pages

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