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aka Splosh Jnr

  • I live in In my Igloo
  • My occupation is Theorist
  • I am Male

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Splosh Jnr
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Penguin's Name Splosh Jnr
Favorites Grey Fedora, Adventurous Hoodie
First Pin Snowman Pin
Famous Penguins Met Rookie, Herbert P. Bear, Gary the Gadget Guy
Date Joined Wiki April 27, 2018
Date Joined Club Penguin May 2009
Admin? No

About me

I've been playing club penguin since slightly before the Medieval Party of 2009, and have always loved learning as much about the game as possible. In 2019, I started up a Club Penguin Blog where I now post theories or information about the game every week (Saturday, 9:00pm sharp PST; if you're interested in that kind of thing) - you can read some of my favourite posts below.

Also, I strongly believe that the real-life Club Penguin books contain lots of interesting information that is often overlooked (especially in the pick-your-path books), for instance, the Official Annual 2012 quickly mentions that Sensei's favourite tea is made from the leaves of a White O'Berry Bush - who would've known?

Blog Posts to Check Out!

  • Captain Rockhopper isn't actually the first pirate from Club Penguin to set sail - but he was the first one to return... The Mystery of Cap'n Patch
  • Finally finding out what's inside that mysterious grey lodge beside the Ski Hill! Lights in the Lodge
  • Rainbow Puffles are actually just a made-up cover story for the EPF. You're going to have to read the post to understand. The Rainbow Puffle Conspiracy

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