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Full Name Agent Sponge, code number 67851
Species Penguin
Position EPF Agent, also Tour Guide
Appeared Halloween Party 2009
Color Purple
Clothes Items Gold Viking Helmet
3D Glasses
Black Hoodie
Paddle Ball
Blue Sneakers
Related To Gary the Gadget Guy, Rookie
Friends With Everyone
Meetable Character? Yes
— Sponge67851

Hi! My name's Sponge67851 and I am a new user to this Wikia, but an old user in Club Penguin. I love to waddle around and play games. I hope we can meet someday! It would be great.

About me

I joined Club Penguin at the end of 2009. Since that day I play Club Penguin very often, and I enjoy it very much. My favorite things to do in it are playing games, buying stuff and adopting puffles. I have four puffles right now: Yarr (red), Cookie (orange), Funny (green) and Chocolate (brown). Maybe I'll adopt more someday! Who knows...


Coming soon!


Male.svg Sponge67851 is male.
Sponge67851 is an old penguin.
This user's birthday is on January 13.

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