• I live in New Jersey, United States
  • I was born on September 23
  • I am Male
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|name = Red Chilly
|image = File:Red Chilly.png
|imagesize= 200px
|caption =
|fullname = Red Chilly
|gender = Male
|species = [[Penguin]]
|position = [[Tour Guide]]<br>[[EPF Agent]]<br>[[Ninja]]<br>[[Fire Ninja]]<br>[[Water Ninja]]<br>[[Snow Ninja]]
|appeared = [ YouTube]
|color = [[Red]]
|clothes = [[Puffle Hat]]<br>[[Lava Mask]]<br>[[Scuba Tank]]<br>[[Red Soccer Jersey]]<br>[[Shell Cuffs]]<br>[[Delta Sneaks]]
|related = None
|friends = [[Aunt Arctic]]<br>[[Gary the Gadget Guy]]<br>[[Rockhopper]]<br>[[Rookie]]
|walk = Yes
[[File:SporeVideos3_Header.png|400px]]<br>'''Welcome to the Club Penguin Wiki userpage of SporeVideos3!'''
<gallery widths="100">
==About my Penguin==
*'''Favorite Color''':<br>Red
*'''Favorite Video Game (Besides Club Penguin)''':<br>Skylanders Spyro's Adventure / Giants / Swap Force / Trap Team
*'''Favorite things to watch on TV''':<br>Disney Channel, Nickelodeon
==Free Templates==
{{Oozma Kappa}}
{{Roar Omega Roar}}
{{Jaws Theta Chi}}
{{Python Nu Kappa}}
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==My Anonymous Contributions==
[[File:RockyCeCe Custom.png|thumb]]
*[ Archive 1]
*[ Archive 2]
==External Links==
*[[User:SporeVideos3/Edit Templates|Edit Templates]]
*[[User:SporeVideos3/Freeze Frame Icons|Freeze Frame Icons]]
{{Penguin-Pal Pin Tracker}}
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