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Penguin's Name Steve1395
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Famous Penguins Met Everyone.
Date Joined Wiki April 17, 2013
Date Left Wiki Not yet!
Date Joined Club Penguin Sometime in late 2012.

About Me

(My penguin of course, you'll never know anything personal about me >:D)

Hiya <insert name here>! I'm Steve1395. I am a blogger, YouTuber and also a Junior GFX Designer. Here is a list of my favorites:


  • Mascot: Herbert.
  • Club Penguin Music: Operation: Blackout theme, and the PSA HQ music
  • Club Penguin Songs: It's Your Birthday! by Jordan Fisher, Cool In The Cold by Cadence ft. Penguin Band and The Party Starts Now by Cadence
  • Games: PSA Missions, System Defender, and Jet Pack Adventure


Most Commonly Seen Wearing


Events: 26/36

Characters: 12/12

Party: 14/24

Activities: 31/35

Games: 253/267

Aqua Grabber: 20/20

Astro Barrier 9/12

Card-Jitsu: 10/10

Card-Jitsu Fire: 7/8

Card-Jitsu Snow: 21/21

Card-Jitsu Water: 8/8

Cart Surfer 12/12

Catchin' Waves 19/22

Ice Fishing: 10/10

Jet Pack Adventure: 18/18

Missions: 22/22

Pizzatron 3000: 9/10

Puffle Launch: 6/12

Puffle Rescue 27/27

Pufflescape 11/11

Smoothie Smash: 16/16

System Defender: 14/14

Thin Ice: 9/9

Treasure Hunt: 5/5

Video Games: 0/14

Game Day: 0/14

Total Stamps: 310/352

Pages I Made