Stickman, The Legendary Hero

  • I live in Stickman HQ, Joy Castle, Stickman's World
  • My occupation is Director of the United Stickman Force, King of Joy, Apprentice of Gary, Lead Vocals of the Rainbow Rocks Band, Owner of Stickman's World, Editor of S.A.S.:CPWE.
  • I am Male

Hey Everyone! Its me, Stickman! If you need anything, just ask! :)

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STATUS: Guess whoooo's back! Me!



It's my 6th year wikiversary! I have been on here for a total of 5 years! (I go by day I first joined, not by previous year, peoples.)

Current Signature: We're gonna heat things up here on this isle... (talk)

Games i currently play

Runescape (Tuska must go down! I will not loose to a world eating beast!) Toontown Club Penguin (Rewritten) (Gosh dang it, It closed down! Oh well, onto Club Penguin Rewritten!) Star Trek Online (Season 11: A New Dawn, here I come! I have returned, and am better than ever!) World of Warcraft (The Legion will fall! This I swear!) Poptropica (New island! Must complete...) Roblox (Returned to Roblox, and am better than ever!) Blockland Transformers Universe (Eh, Idk what to say about this...) Pirates of the Carribean online (Closed down :() Lego Universe (Loved it! and was a member!) Minecraft (Just got the full darn version of Minecraft. I can now play with everyone all over the world who like to play Minecraft! Yey) Champions Online (Nemesis time, baby! :D) Garry's Mod (Oh my word. I can not describe how much fun this game is!) Team Fortress 2 (New maps from Invasion, New maps from Scream Fortress 2015, and an upcoming major update? I'm in!) Terraria (Defeated the Moon Lord, what now is there to do? Wait for Terraria 2, of course!), Trove (From the looks of the trailer, I already love this game. Come join me on this game!) Unturned (Zombie game + Me= Awesome!) Castle Crashers (BEAT THE GAME WITH THE BLUE KNIGHT! Hi Ho Insane Mode, AWAY!) Warframe (Some relays got destroyed :( But anyways, In the process of constructing my first Archwing!) Moon Base Alpha (Er... Okay...?) Archeage (I love this game!) DC Universe Online (I love this game so much, However, it doesn't deminish my love for Club Penguin. Lets do this.) Block n' Load (Altar, my clan leader, has this game, so I decided to get it and play it with him, and I might as well say, it's not that bad.)

3DS Games i currently play

Scribblenauts unlimited (Finished!) Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon (Finished, and doing some scarescrapers if anyone wants to join me at any time!) Kingdom Hearts 3D; Dream Drop Distance (Finished, but file got erased. I'm working my way to getting back the keyblades i lost :() Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins (Oooh, boy do i love this game! I'm having so much fun on it!) Animal Crossing; New Leaf (Got started on it very much) Mario & Luigi; Dream Team (Finished!) Disney Magical Kingdom (Its a very awesome game! I recommend you all try it out!) Tomodachi Life (OOOH BABY! I love this game!) Super Smash Bros for the 3DS (Its smash time, boy! I love this game! Its the best thing I've ever played! My main is the Mii Swordsman, and I do play a good Mii Swordsman for offline, and online, Better watch out, cause I got Shulk as my online main!), COMING SOON: Mario and Luigi Paper Jam (Must I say more? This is part of the Mario and Luigi RPG saga! And its a crossover of Paper Mario too! YIPPIE!)

Playstation 4 Games I currently play (If you have a PS4 and are signed on with Playstation Network, I cannot play with you right now. Sorry!)

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Finished it, but searching for the Krypto character token... THAT DARN TOKEN!!) Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Finished it as well) Final Fantasy Type 0 (On my way to finishing the story!), Skylanders Superchargers and Imaginators (Finished both! Also, Imaginators is the first time I can finally put myself on it! Yay!), Minecraft PS4 Edition (Heh. Love this game.), The Lego Movie Videogame (I love this game since it has The Lego Movie in it. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!), Star Wars Battlefront (Yep. Love it.), COMING SOON: Kingdom Hearts III (I will play this game no matter what it takes. I love the Kingdom Hearts series, and I will keep on playing it.)

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