Hey Guys! Im am just starting this wiki and it seems fun! My penguin is over a year old. I love playing club penguin. It's a lot of fun. I may be less active lately since school has started.
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Surfenusa XdWood
! Surf's mood is sad/mad because CP only included the members in the volcano thing.
? Surf is currently in school.


SOMLOMLYPLEDGE Surfenusa Xd states that they will never stop editing the wiki!

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Surfenusa Xd is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!

Allpufflespecies This user is a Puffle Lover!
This user is from the Red Team!

Ninja in-game Surfenusa Xd is a ninja!
EPF Logo Surfenusa Xd is a top agent of the EPF.

SOMLOMLYPLEDGE Surfenusa Xd states that they will never stop editing the wiki!

2009 This user voted for Maroon in the 2009 Color Vote!
MAZE This user completed the Sith Cub Maze while it existed.
QUIZ This user completed the Sith Cub Quiz.
en This user is a native English speaker.

White puffpic HUZZAH! Surfenusa Xd has seen the White Puffle in the wild! Amazing!
NAME Surfenusa Xd's penguin is called Surfenusa Xd.
OTHER This user's other penguin is called South Korea.
OTHER This user's other penguin is called Machu Picchu.
Male Surfenusa Xd is male.
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Here are my puffles! Once I become a member again I can get more.

  • Red: Brad
  • Yellow: Greg **
  • Green: Johnothan **

They Ran away while I was at Sith Cub's Promotion Party :( **

Mysterious Happening of the Well whenever I feel like updating it

Mysterious Happening -2
This happened when Rockhopper was here. I opened my igloo just as I was going into the Captain's Quarters. That is why you can see a pairs of penguins that are "playing" Treasure Hunt in my igloo.
Week of 8/3/09-8/10/09

Videos I am in

Radio TV- Radio13579's FFP

Radio TV- Radio13579's FFP

I'm the guy saying Hello in the beginning. I'm wearing the Mess Wig with black sunglasses, the brown and black CP jacket, my black puffle, and black checkered shoes. I did that a long time ago.

My Penguin Here is my penguin when I was a member

About my penguin

  • Penguin name : Surfenusa Xd
  • Penguin color : Red or Black
  • Favorite CP party : The 2008 ones
  • Most appearences in CP : I'm all over just not at the Ski Lodge and the Mountain
  • Most wanted item : Laptop aka to be a member
  • Favorite servers : Frozen and Mammoth It depends though (They are usually full so I just pick random ones)
  • Favorite star in Club Penguin : Penguin band
  • Favorite card in Card Jitsu : The Ninja Card
  • Most wanted background : Old Penguin Band Background
  • Most wanted pin : Surfboard
  • My oldest pin : Anvil Pin
  • When I joined Club Penguin : April 2008
  • Favorite Background : Currently: Twelfth Fish (Day and Night)


  • Hat Pop
  • Sith Cub
  • Windy Pink
  • Aznsporty101
  • Ashmelon (Brother Account #1)
  • Benidct (Brother's Friend Account #?)
  • Hippie Dog (Brother's Friend Account #?)
  • Thermoscope (Brother Account #2)

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