Can't tell ya why I a have this here!!!!But there is a reason!!

Turtle dictatorship
likes the Absoulte Energie, der gefürchtete Schildkröte-Pilz, Diktator der Penguin-Enzyklopädie!!!

They Hail TurtleShroom, and as such, are Turtlenators!! Yeah!

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300 Sutec has made over 300 edits on the Club Penguin Wiki.

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OTHER This user's other penguin is called Synesthete1.
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Sutec is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!

Scared Captain
This User is so wretchedly evil, that he/she has receved Public Banishment. The reason for such drastic measures is for supporting Sanity Penguin and not vandalizing..
This user's best friend on Club Penguin is Omi 1852.


Smile spin This User has Synesthesia
Imagination is more important than knowledge
— Albert Einstien
It would be truly surprising if sound were not capapble of suggesting color, if colors could not give the idea of melody, if sound and color were not adaquate to express ideas
— Claude Debussy



Ice Rink

Keepper, it's anoyying! Give us the puck





HEY THERE!!! I'm Sutec, asynesthete (music color/music-color synesthesia)!!!!!!

Best buds

Hi Im new here. Here are all the great friends i have on Club Penguin!

  • Anylu 1997
  • Canlil
  • Dancebri
  • Devojka(I happen to speak simple wors in Serbian...that means "Girl"
  • Dragonite398
  • Funny398 (my twin)
  • Karynna21(one of the best friends I have...she is understanding about my synesthesia)
  • Lindsay2091
  • Molljayne
  • Monkeyshine5
  • Mr Pikachu
  • Muddy Ducky(you may recognize that name...he is the same guy)
  • Negretigre
  • New Gren
  • Niahao
  • Nickaliailai9
  • O Roxie Girl
  • Pacojohnson
  • Pan Cracio
  • Pengo54356
  • Penguin48316719
  • Penguin48322056 (Yes... they are siblings, i know thier family)
  • Penguin59151055
  • Penguin60080665
  • Pickkl(My best friend in real life... we have an obsesion with cheese and pickles)
  • Pim03
  • Pink B3rry
  • Pinkgirl
  • Pinkdotdaisy
  • Pinkshampooo
  • Pinkyto
  • Podgo1
  • Polska69
  • Popstar651
  • Punkrox121
  • Rainbow58058
  • Rebeldio
  • Redcollar
  • Redwing501
  • Rianna111
  • Ritornico
  • Rockergal22
  • Rocket Girl
  • Rockoroll
  • Rockstarbla
  • Rougelulu
  • Rufaloop

Ok, i will edit this list later.

Ive met Rockhopper twice. I probably sent a trillioin postcards to him, and he sent a trillion two back. It was awsome because It was ON THE SAME DAY!!!! I may be new on the wiki, but not on CP! Let me tell you for Futre refrence u can NOT tip the ice berg!!!!!!

About my penguin

If it wern't for my friends I wouldn't be typing this. I joined Club Penguin during the great water party of 2007. My friend, always talked about it, and I never even thought of giving it a try until one summer day and there was nothing to do. I didn't know what it was at all. I didn't even know that you played it on the computer, and I thought it would be really stupid, mainly from the name (Club Penguin? What kind of stupid name is that!?). Then I got whay the name made sense (OHHH! You waddle around as a penguin!). I had to beg my parents to let me play period,let alone to be a member. But now I am a paying member!

About ME for real

I am an " year old synesthete, how i normally introduce myself on online communities and chat rooms. I live in La Jolla California Which is a small town is San Diego near the beach, La Jolla Shores (La Jolla is pronounced la hoya; San Diego places are normally named in Spanish; La Jolla means 'the pot'!!). If you live in San Diego, you will see me with an American Synesthesia Association wristband on; I always wear it.

Cool facts about me

I share a first name with the guy who sang SHE BANG! On American Idol. (I don't need to tell you his name, so I won't)

I share a birthday with Shauquille O'neil and a famous scentist named Reuben H. Fleet

I am a twin... Im getting a twin telepathy call right now! Ha ha.

I have three maranet puppets... the make up a mariati band!

Well thats about it!

Clothing I usally wear on cp

I costantly switch outfitz, but i have favorite. I normally walk a yellow puffle named Sutec. Yez my penguin name iz Sutec. I just thought it would be cool idea. I like to wear night vizion goggles a lot. I alwayz have some thing on my wrizt if Im not walkind my puffle, normally a watch or friendship bracelet. My favoite wig is the sun striker I also like to wear the compozer outfit. I am nomally black.

Favorite movies

10. Click

9. The Dark Knight

8. E.T The Extra-Terrestrial

7. The Little Vampire

6. Batman Begins

5.Batman Forever

4.Iniana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

3.Forest Gump (I ran accross America mutiple times. Ha Ha!)

2. Ferris Builer's Day off

1. The Master of Disguise!!!!!!!! Favorite Movie ever! My name is Pitachio Disguisey. Just kidding!

Favorite Brand of pickles!

Wow, thats really easy! Give me a C, give me an L give me an A, give me a U give me an S give me an E and an N! What does that spell? CLAUSEN!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE


Favorite books

1. Eclipse

2. Twilight

3 New Moon

4 Thumb Wars

5. Deathly Hallows

6. The Host

7.The Hobbit

8. Lord of the Rings (part one)

9. Lord of the Rings (part three)

10. Lord of the Rings (part two)

Three Favorite authors

3.JJR Toklein

2. JK Rowling

1. Stephenie Meyer (have you heard of the Twilight series? If so click here:[1]

Worst Day of my Life

Incredibly easy to be sure of. It was October 22, 2007 at 4:22 that I had to leave my house with pretty good bet that I wouldn't see it again. I bet you saw what wuz happening on TV. The Firestorm 2007. Wildfires raged over southern California. Evrey night we watched the TV in the hotel room, and I just prayed that it was all just a bad dream and when I woke up, evrey thing would be normal again. But that never happened. Im having trouble talking about this.


I like to read, go to swim practice, play badmintton and volleyball, play on Club Penguin play board games and Chinese checkers, swim (not at swim practice),and write stories. I also like to use a kickboard. For more info, click here: [2]

About my favoite movie

Many of you may wonder what thr master of disguise is. Probably because it was such a critical faliure. This movie came out on August 2, 2002 and always got bad reveiws. It'z about some wacked guy named Pistachio Disguisey, and his ability to diguise as almost any thing. When hiz mother and father go missing, he must use his abititiez to find zem, because of this evil guy trying to get all of the worlds treasurez. Hez the one who kidnapped zem. Me, I thought it was simply the funniest movie ever ,made in ze history of the universe. Herez a lizt of some of hiz disguises.

  • Tony Montana
  • Terry Schwab
  • Some weird old lady
  • Cherry pie
  • Forrest Gump(end credits)
  • Wierd bald turtle guy
  • George W. Bucshe
  • Weird Indian Prince
  • Quint, from jaws
  • Grass with cow poo


  • Jessica Simpson (Fabrizzio, the father)
  • Fat Asian Maid (Pistachio's grandfather)
  • Jessica Simpson!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special talents

I have two specail talents,but they are extemly similar.Zey could be counted as one, but there's a difference.

Specail talent number one:

  • Wakeboarding

Wake boarding is like a combonatoin of watersking, skateboarding and snowboarding. Sit in ze water in a squatting positionBehind a boat with a towrope in your hands. You say HIT IT!!!! and then the boat moves and pulles you up

Specail talent number 2

Exactly the same, exept you arn't strapped in the board.


   I like pie. I alzo like wafflez.

LA la la la la la la!


CHARLIE!!! CHARLIE!!! WE FOUND A MAP TO CANDY MOUTAIN!!! Candy Mountain, Charlie, Candy moutain!


Thats pretty much it!!!

As you can probably see...

   I LOVE Charlie the unicorn. Itz ze funniest vidio on you tube(in my oppinion, sorry if this is offensive in any way)!!!!!!!!!!

I like ze Banna king one the best. (NOOO! FUGU!!) ZE other one is Candy mountain (CHARLIE! CANDY MOUTAIN! CANDY MOUTAIN CAHARLIE, CANDY MOUNTAN!!)

ze only page ive written

  Here is ze link to ze only page ive written: Team Purple (later delted)

Team blue? Team red?

  Im on ze red team. Im alzo on ze blue tem (Team Purple)


being canadian, i dont pronounce ze letter z as zee, i pronouse it zed. but it doesnt make a diffrence. wateva. i just want to say.... i wuv ze wetter w too!!!!

The penguin song

The bever song modified to cp! here are the lyrics:

Penguin all, penguin one, lets all have some penguin fun! Ch ch ch ch ch Penguin two, penguin three, lets all climb a penguin tree! Ch ch ch ch ch Penguin four, penguin five, lets all do the penguin dive! Ch ch ch ch ch Penguin six, penguin seven, lets all go to penguin hevean! ch ch ch ch ch Penguin eight, penguin nine! STOP! Its penguin time! GO PENGUIN, GO PENGUIN! GO GO GO PENGUIN! LETS GO PENGUINS!!


Hoped ya liked it!

Pages i crated

Save the Migrator Project

My synesthesia

I hope you know what synesthesia is. Let my explain this to you.
When you see, smell, taste, whatever, It triggers a different sence or different part of that sence. 

For exaple, I have music-colour synestheia. When i here music, i see colors depending on the sound or note.

A common form of synestheia is grapheme-colour synestheia. When one with grapheme colour synesthia reads, 

letters look different colours. Its different for every one with anyone with synesthia. Ive heard all the

jokes, just dont make fun of it. Its not something to make fun of. 

I couldn't imagine the world in any other way. Please. I beg of you.

dont make fun of this. If you were synthetic, im sure

you would fell the same way. thank you.

3rd cp birthday party music is awsome.

I have, in previous times, explained my synestheia. And now, I must share with you how amazing the third anniversiry party music is. It is silver and gold, mainly. I see some streaks of yellow, and sometimes blue. But ironicly, Mainly in between the silver and gold are the amazing colors of blue and orange, the colors of cp!!!!!!!!!!

Residence and birthplace

I live in the usa. But at the same time,am extremly proud to be able to say (truthfully) I am Canadian. Although, i have opinions for the government (dont worry,I wont talk about this; ive read the rules) of the united states

New song I made up]

Okay, here it goes:

When I was one, I sucked my thumb the day i went to sea. (after this point will be considered main)I hopped aboard The Migrator,Rockhopper said to me, "we're goin this way, that way over the Club penguin sea!" A juicy plum to fill my tum and that's the life for me!

When I was two, i tied my shoe, the day I went to sea.(main)

When I was three. i climbed a tree the day i went to sea (main)

When I was four, I shot the door, the day i went to sea (main)

When I was five, I stayed alive the day I went to sea (main)

When I was six, I picked up sticks the day i went to sea (main)

When I was seven, I went to heaven the day i went to sea (main)

When I was eight I was first mate the day I went to sea (main)

When I was nine, THE SHIP WAS MINE!!!!!!! the day I went to sea (main)

When I ten, I DID IT AGAIN they day i went to sea (main) (this is the end; sing the last part in opreah, high, slower singing)

I have just purchased a number(for free!!!)

My new favorite number 159372!!!!!!! I own the number 159372!!!! Do you want proof? | Here it is!!!! Hey? you want a number? go to!!!--!!! Update!:I also own the number 62069


"Don't make fun of the synesthetic people... I am one...It hurts...a lot"- Sutec


Allpufflespecies This user is a Puffle Lover!


From here on, I will post anything I have to say about synesthesia at User:Sutec/synesthesia. This is also an information database of my own. Any info you discover about synesthesia, please,please post it on User:Sutec/synesthesia.


Teltu's and I's alternitive to ok!

The State of Hawaii

I'm moving. Me, Sutec. To.... Hawaii. Yep. That's right. Good-bye to sunny Sothern California, Hello to sunny Hawaii! Not much of a climate differance,

but there is a time differance. Well what ever. I need to learn Hawwaian, too because my parents are making me, just like Spanish, but I only learned a tiny bit of Spanish and then forgot it all. Too bad I guess. :(


Piebob&#039;s award

Piebob's award

Teltus head

The Teltu Award. Thanks Teltu!!

Teltus head

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