aka Swaneh

  • I live in your pond trying not to drown
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is a screen junkie
  • I am back from inactivity duh

My is catching waves.

Puffle MarsBars

Dream Puffle MarsBars

~=[,,_,,]:3 NYAN CAT!!!! NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN (repeats until friend goes crazy)

Well, hi there. I'm Swanflutter, but around here, I'd like to be called Angelina3213, that's my penguin name. I'm not called Angelina, that's just a name I took a fancy to when I started my account. I bought a month membership starting from i-forgot-which-month, and I had a free week last year (December XD) One of my fave parties are the Box Dimension My favourite things are my puffles, and my favourite one is Flawless, a rainbow puffle. I also love to bits, my Gold Puffle, Starshine, my pink puffles, Bubblegum, Lily and another, Sugarina (You've GOT to remember that I was 8 and a child when I started playing this), my black puffles, Swag and Awesome, my green puffle, DJ, my brown puffle, Gizmo, my blue, Pretzel, my favourite non member puffle (sorry, Pretzel) Cadence, My Yellow puffle Dollina (see above) My white puffle, Sugar, My purple puffles Glimmer and Diva, My Orange, err...I sorta forgot its name but it's...let me think...right, Boots, and two more Rainbow Puffles, called Miracle and Rainbow. (An all-purpose name XD) I've almost all puffles, but I lost the last slot when I lost my membership while trying to get the last Gold Nugget for Legend, a male Gold Puffle that ceases to exist. :( (Just hoping parents will let me buy membership, though the chances are more possible going to the Moon for a year and skipping school are higher than that!)

My Favourite party was (Duh) Operation:Puffle, because the puffle chase game audio was awesome.

The Fancy Free on a Player Card

My player card personal

I have the Sweet Swirl Igloo, which was previously member-only item. Wearing bits and bobs from this membership, and the previous one.

I'm wearing The Fancy Free as my hairpiece.

For my eyes I'm wearing the Wide Awake Eyes.

For my neck item I'm wearing the Royal Golden Robe.

The shirt I'm wearing is current, The Rockin' Rainbow.

My hand item (except Flawless or Starshine, of course) is the Gold MP3000.

My Shoes are the Pink Striped Rubber Boots.

And my background is the Rockhopper's Jacket Giveaway.

Well...that's all there is, now O_o And yes, I care a lot about my appearance (not really ¬_¬) and I spend basically all my coins on backgrounds, Coins for Change (I'm clean out, because I donated all my coins, yes, 30000 of them) and mostly, puffles. (Cute little bundles of cuteness XD) See below for my shrine to Flawless ^^ and yes, I've gotten bankrupt buying puffle accessories for my darlings.


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