About me

Hiya! Though my username's 'The Mutoh', call me just Mutoh. I'm Brazilian and has been playing Club Penguin since February 2007. What I most do here in the wiki is supervise changes and fix typos. Of course, I also sometimes improve arcticles a little bit.


  • My first pin was the Teddy Bear Pin.
  • I stopped playing Club Penguin for a long time shortly after the CPIP, because of slow internet.
    • I only missed a few pins though. I struggled to at least get the items when there were events and such.
  • My favorite hat is the Golden Viking Helmet, but the one I use the most is the Green Baseball Cap.
  • Red is my penguin's color.
  • I hate the wigs.
  • I love the simple, old clothing, and don't like the new ones.
  • The only Autographed Backgrounds I didn't get yet were Aunt Arctic's and that new Rockhopper background.
  • I am a CPIP Tester!


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