The Pirates channel

aka MysteryGuy10

  • I live in Everywhere
  • My occupation is Pirate
  • I am Male
The Pirates channel (MysteryGuy10)

My Fahion Party outfit with my favourite puffle, Dubstep
Penguin's Name MysteryGuy10
Favorites Pizza, Gold Puffles, Club Penguin, Bacon, Ice Cream
Member? Yes for one month
First Pin Sunglasses Pin
Famous Penguins Met PH and Aunt Arctic(MysteryGuy10) Rockhopper and Gary (Kri Kri1)
Date Joined Wiki 3/7/2015
Date Joined Club Penguin June 19, 2015
Admin? Nope
Hi there! I'm The Pirates channel but my CP username is MysteryGuy10 (If you want you can add me as a friend you can!). My favorite characters are Rockhopper and Gary, the only ones I have met!
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