The Puffle Planet

aka Freddy Puffle

  • I live in Freddy Puffle's Pizzeria
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Killing the Security Guard
  • I am an Animatronic Puffle

Welcome to the Puffle Planet! Have fun, <insert name here>!

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The Puffle Planet
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Full Name The Puffle Planet
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position A Chat Moderator on Club Penguin Wiki, Club Penguin User
Appeared Club Penguin, Wikis
Color Brown
Clothes Items The Tuft, Black Sunglasses, Halloween Scarf, Black Hoodie, Red Electric Guitar, Black Checkered Shoes
Related To N/A
Friends With See My Friends
Meetable Character? Yes

About Me

I am a user on wikia. I got promoted to chat moderator on September 4, 2014. I like pizza, pie and hot dogs. My best friends on this wiki are Phineas99cp, Nom Nom Cake, TheNintendoKing, Ballono, Agent Unknown, GlitchPokemon, Titanium Ninja, Chriskim98, Callum Fawsitt, Watatsuki, Fire86743, NodogonToontown, Techman129 and JWPengie. I like roleplaying. I like playing Nintendo games. I go on Club Penguin wiki almost everyday (I go on everyday but if I am busy, I can't go on). I chose The Puffle Planet as my username because I like puffles and planets remind me of... STAR WARS! Oh yeah, I like Star Wars and you probably know because I'm playing Star Wars music. I can make customs using Gimp.

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