The Real Purple Princess

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on February 3
  • My occupation is Student and Musician
  • I am Female

Haiya!!! I'm The Real Purple Princess. I know that's a lot to type when you want to talk to me, so call me TRPP for short! This is pretty much everything you need to know about me!!! Have fun and see ya'll around! ;P ;D

My penguin

About me

I'm amazeballz. XD

I'm a tru blu Aussie and I love my country!

I love CP and i have my best friend to thank for it! I also love music, i play the trombone at my school and i am in many ensembles for both bands and choirs. I am quite a dedicated music student and i love being in the amazing music program. I wish to one day do something in the Music industry, whether it is composing music for games or movies or playing in or leading a famous band. I also love to draw and play games and hang out with friends. I am quite the optimistic, friendly gal and i can't wait to see what happens the future! XD

About my Penguin

I created my first (and only) account on September 22nd, 2012. It took me a while to pick a name for my penguin, and finally settled on the name Jackfrost. the name was taken, (and so was Jackfrost999 and so on), so the website suggested Jackfrost991 and because i couldn't think of anything i went with that, and i have been Jackfost991 ever since.

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The Real Purple Princess is female.
Australia Flag This user is an Aussie! That means they are from Australia, mate!
Happy emoticon The Real Purple Princess's best friend on Club Penguin is Rubyrose4300.
NAME The Real Purple Princess's penguin is called Jackfrost991.

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