• Heyo! Try and find my secret page!.
Hi! I am The Ultimate Guitar Master (AKA Hotrod Doyle)! I am a pro CP player and I would like to be a friend to all of you!
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Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
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The Ultimate Guitar Master

Hi! I am The Ultimate Guitar Master
Penguin's Name Hotrod Doyle
Favorites The Blue Electric Guitar and the Bronze Music Note Necklace.
Member? Yes
First Pin Green Puffle Pin
Stamps 310
Famous Penguins Met No
Date Joined Wiki April 23rd 2013
Date Left Wiki Not Yet
Date Joined Club Penguin March 17th 2011
Admin? Not Yet
Notes I am SUPER addicted to CP! I will become a mod someday!

I am a happy penguin with many friends! My penguin name on CP is Hotrod Doyle. I have met every mascot and added them. I am online ALOT, so you will have a chance to meet me on server Abominable for sure!

I am a skilled Elite Penguin Force Agent and an awesome tour giver as a Tour Guide. I am a Ninja, a Fire Ninja, a Water Ninja, and a Snow Ninja. I hope to be a Shadow Ninja, soon! I will then be known as, The Second Card Jitsu Master! (The first being Sensei)
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