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Penguin's Name T1000
Favorites Aqua Grabber
Member? No
First Pin Puffer Fish Pin
Famous Penguins Met  ???
Date Joined Wiki December 6th 2010
Date Joined Club Penguin July, 2009
Admin? no

About me

Yes, Hello. Top 1000 is my Penguin's Full name. I am around to stop vandals from ruining pages. Expect me to be hidden behind everyone, making small edits to every page. I may be seen in my Anonymous state on Weekdays.

I am most active on these servers, with 1 being most active, and 4 being least active.

1. Sub Zero - I come here to chill, which I do most of the time.

2. Arctic - A historic server, it was the first Server I went to on CP.

3. Sabertooth - My Friends pop up here sometimes.

4. Sleet - I go here to meet Famous Penguins.

Also expect me to be seen on Deep Freeze, as I am British, and this was the first UK Server.

I will be seen on those servers on CP at some point of the day, either as T1000, or T6405 (See Below).

About my Penguins

My penguin (as of now at least 600+ Days old) is a Non-Member penguin that I created to Enjoy CP. That is why I joined here aswell.

I have another Account called T6405, who I created around 2010.

My favourites

Favourite Page: Well... +3000 pages, I can't say.

Favourite Pin: Speaker Pin - The Titan of all pins!

Favourite free item: Press Hat - Nice and shady, a bit like me.

Favourite place in Club Penguin: Mine - A nice quite place to chill.

Favourite Parties: Erm... All of them!

Favourite Famous Penguin: Sensei - Quiet but powerful. Very Cool.

Favourite Puffle color: Black - Again, shadowy and fiery like me.

Other favourite Puffle : White - Quite But Strong. Like Sensei. Like Ninja.

Favorite CP game: Aqua Grabber

Favorite Penguin color: Black

Favorite Server: Sub Zero - A cool place to get away from the crowd of CP.

My contributions

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