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Male.svg TraGiggles is male.
Flagamb.png TraGiggles is Canadian.
Aunt arctic 2013.png TraGiggles has seen Aunt Arctic!
Penguin Band Background photo.png Woo! How rocking! TraGiggles has seen the Penguin Band!
RookieHawaiianShirt.PNG TraGiggles has seen Rookie!
Sensei elements.png TraGiggles has seen Sensei! Congratulations, Grasshopper.
Gary New Style.png TraGiggles has seen Gary the Gadget Guy!
RP In-Game Sighting.png TraGiggles has completed the Puffle Party 2013 Quiz!
COMPLETE.gif TraGiggles Completed CHUNKY'S Quiz!
Special:Editcount/419 This user has made Special:Editcount/419 edits on this Wiki.
CoinsForChangeCard.png TraGiggles donates at least penguin coins every year for Coins for Change!

NAME TraGiggles's penguin is called Tralala1234.
Green icon.png TraGiggles's penguin color is Green.
Rockhopper real penguin new.png TraGiggles has seen Rockhopper! Arrr!!
This user's best friend on the Club Penguin Wiki is Fottymaddy.
Cadence2013.png TraGiggles has seen Cadence! Dance 'til you drop!
Herbert P Bear.png TraGiggles has seen Herbert P. Bear!
Gary Issue 376.png TraGiggles has seen Gary! How scientific!
Cadence39 (1).png TraGiggles has met Cadence.
Da band.png TraGiggles has met The Penguin Band. Rock on!
Rockhopper name.png TraGiggles has met Rockhopper.
WaterNinja4.png TraGiggles is a Water Ninja!
FireNinja4.png TraGiggles is a Fire Ninja!
PWNed! TraGiggles beat Sensei and got the ninja mask! Sensei is now jealous!
Ninja in-game.png TraGiggles is a ninja!
Hacker-Ninja.jpg BEWARE! TraGiggles is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!
Blue Pennant full award.png This user is from the Blue Team!
Green Puffle.jpg TraGiggles loves puffles.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Rainbow.png TraGiggles has a Rainbow Puffle  named Cloud.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Rainbow.png TraGiggles has a Rainbow Puffle  named Rain.
24-plus EN.png Guess what? TraGiggles is a Level 5 Member on Club Penguin! Oooooooh! Aaaaaaah!
Mod Badge.gif TraGiggles has met at least one Club Penguin Moderator!
Paint.svg This user uses Paint for drawing.
Happy emoticon.png TraGiggles denominies him/herself as a friendly User!
Hello123.png TraGiggles is Excellent!
Puffle Handler on the lookout.png TraGiggles has seen the Puffle Handler.
CP Police Department.png This user is a Police Officer on Club Penguin!
RobberImage.png This user is a Robber on Club Penguin!
MarvelParty2013Logo blog1-1364492281.png This user is a fan of the Marvel Super Hero Takeover parties!
Disney Club Penguin Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Heroes Unite.jpg This user is a fan of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal!
Color Party.png This user makes customs!
Gary42.png TraGiggles has completed PixieLil's Gary the Gadget Guy quiz!
Camp Penguins Color Contest 2013 Palette.png This user has participated the 2013 Camp Penguins Color Contest!
3D OK furniture icon ID 2007.png TraGiggles is a member of Oozma Kappa
3D ROR furniture icon ID 2022.png TraGiggles is a member of Roar Omega Roar
3D JOX furniture icon ID 2011.png TraGiggles is a member of Jaws Theta Chi
3D PNK furniture icon ID 2009.png TraGiggles is a member of Python Nu Kappa
BLUEpuffle.png The cute puffles need your help! Click here to save them!
ORANGEpuff.png This user won Dps04's First Mission! and saved cute puffles from Herbert's hands!
RockSei.PNG This user has completed half of the 2005-2010 quiz.
Rockhopper with Yarr In-Game.pngSensei real.png This user has completed all of the 2005-2010 quiz! They are very intelligent!