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Tractionmaincp has seen the episode Ghosts Just Wanna Dance, and has witnessed dancing, ghosts, haunted houses, and secret doors.

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Tractionmaincp has seen the episode Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei, and witnessed the pizza, ninjas, sleepwalking, cliffs, teamwork, and other stuff.

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Tractionmaincp has seen the episode The Party Starts Now, and has witnessed dancing, special effects, power outages, and mascots.

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Tractionmaincp has seen the episode Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman), and has witnessed smooth moves, pool parties, elevators, polar bears doing Gangnam Style, and puffles (including the new Rainbow Puffle)!

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Tractionmaincp has seen the episode Cool In The Cold, and has witnessed Frost Bites, ice skating, dancing, and auras.

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Tractionmaincp has seen the episode Captain Rockhopper Versus The Mighty Squid, and has witnessed squids, pirate puffles, funerals, and kiddie fights.

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Tractionmaincp has seen the episode Best Seat in the House, and witnessed the polar bears, jet packs, cell phones, movies, and puffles.

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