aka Zachary

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is CP Fan!
  • I am Male

My Penguin
Penguin's Name Troy56021
Member? I sure am!
First Pin Can't Remember!
Famous Penguins Met All of them!
Date Joined Wiki 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin November, 2005
Admin? Not yet!

Welcome to my user page!

About Me

Hey There! My name is Troy56021 and I am a Club Penguin Blogger. I joined Club Penguin in November of 2005, and had a 'break' from it during January, 2007 and joined back in May, 2007. I was only 8 when I first joined Club Penguin, now I am 17 years old and in Grade 11. I like to come on the Wiki a lot, especially the chat. I am working to strive to get more edits on the Wiki, and it will work, as I am online everyday now! I can't wait to see you on the chat sometime soon. :D

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  • I have 2 penguins, my main one and another secret one.
  • I have been playing Club Penguin since 2005 on my secret account.
  • I am online Club Penguin at least 2 hours a day.
  • My favorite room on Club Penguin Island to hang out is in the town.
  • My igloo involves puffles!

Often Online Hours

Monday - Friday: 6-9 hours all together.

Saturday: 10-13 hours all together.

Sunday: 6-8 hours all together.

My achievements

100 Troy56021CP has made over 100 edits on the Club Penguin Wiki.

200 Troy56021CP has made over 200 edits on the Club Penguin Wiki.

300 Troy56021CP has made over 300 edits on the Club Penguin Wiki.

Award Show Troy56021CP passed Phineas99cp's 2013 Quiz Part #1

My Userboxes

Male Troy56021CP is male.
Australia Flag This user is an Aussie! That means they are from Australia, mate!
NAME Troy56021CP's penguin is called Troy56021.
IRC This user uses the Club Penguin Wiki IRC channel.
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