About me

I started Club Penguin in 2008. I am an admin of the Club Penguin Army Wiki.

About my Penguin

Hi! I am star kirby12, a Penguin that once had 100 buddies! My full name is star kirby123, but the 3 got cut off!

star kirby12

Full Name star kirby123
Species Penguin/Human/Kirby(Block Kirby)
Position Membership Level 3
Appeared Just about everywhere since 2010
Color Aqua/Skin/Pink
Clothes Items (Non-Member) Blue Propeller Cap, Orange Spy Goggles, Herbert's Revenge Suit, Laptop. (Member) Usually Comm Gear.
Related To The stars, The Flare Drivers.
Friends With Richperson, more
Meetable Character? Yes
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