Sk12machinegun Kirby haunts you even if you came to this page.Run
star kirby12

Full Name star kirby123
Species Penguin/Human/Kirby(Block Kirby)
Position Membership Level 3
Appeared Just about everywhere since 2010
Color Aqua/Skin/Pink
Clothes Items (Non-Member) Blue Propeller Cap, Orange Spy Goggles, Herbert's Revenge Suit, Laptop. (Member) Red/Blue/Gold Viking Helmet(depends),Scuba Tank(actually used as a jetpack), Microphone, Hockey Skates
Related To The stars, The Flare Drivers.
Friends With Richperson, more
Meetable Character? Yes
star kirby12

Penguin's Name star kirby12
Favorites Lots of things
Member? Yes
First Pin Rockhopper's Key
Famous Penguins Met Rockhopper 1x
Aunt Arctic 2x
Cadence 1x
Date Joined Wiki During 2011
Date Joined Club Penguin During 2008
Admin? Not here, but some other wikis related to CP
Let's STARt this madness!
Lol dude, you sure?
Open Fire!

I started Club Penguin in 2008. I am an admin of the Club Penguin Army Wiki.

Speaking of the CPAW, why don't you try the Club Penguin Army Wiki Quiz?(That is, if you've read and seen many pages)

Here is my sandbox: User:Star kirby12/Sandbox

About my Penguin

Hi! I am star kirby12, a Penguin that has more than 300 buddies! My full name is star kirby123, but the 3 got cut off!

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