United Republic of Taiwan

aka Signor Cristoforo Luciano

  • I live in Presidential Palace, Kungkwan,Taipei Metropolitan Area, United Republic of Taiwan
  • I was born on October 10
  • My occupation is President of The United Republic of Taiwan
  • I am Male

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Taiwan Movie Camera

Photo of Movie Camera on a player card

About me

I am...

1. A EPF agent

2.A black belter in Card Jitsu

3.A ninja in Card Jitsu

4.A EPF agent who has completed all the PSA missions and all the secret tasks within these PSA missions

6.A Director in the Hollywood party 2013

7.A non-member AND I'M PROUD OF IT!

8. A penguin that has collected all the dinosaur eggs at the prehistoric party

9.I have 105 stamps! (All of them non-member.)

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About my Penguin

I am an ethnic Han Taiwanese whose penguin is called Taiwan101 (active.) I also have another, older account called Yanglinwang (inactive.) I have two puffles called Lan Yang and Hung Yang.

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Flag of the Republic of China This user resides in Taiwan.

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