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My Puffles

Red Puffle: Cannon

What Cannon can do: He can shoot out of a cannon all the way too the moon and back to Club Penguin.

What Cannon eats: Pumpkin Pie, Cookie with whipped cream, Brownies and Choclate Chip Cookies.

Black Puffle: Garlic

What Garlic can do: He can light on fire and fly everywhere.

What Garlic eats: Only Garlic Bread because that is his name.

White Puffle: Snow

What Snow can do: He can make a Ice Rink with his breath and skate on it.

What Snow eats: Snow Flaked cookies, Ice Cone and Coco Puffs.

My Pictures

Don't ask why i'm dressed as a girl.


My Made up Pins




Every Video Game I have

Nintendo DS

  • New Super Mario Bros Ds
  • Super Mario 64 Ds
  • Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force
  • Mario Party DS
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Mario Kart DS
  • Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
  • Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge


  • Super Smash Bros Melee


  • New Super Mario Bros Wii
  • Club Penguin Game Day!

Club Penguin Books I have

  • Club Penguin Joke Book
  • Club Penguin Star Reporter
  • Club Penguin Stowaway
  • Club Penguin Game Mania
  • Ultimate Guide to Club Penguin

Penguins I made

  • Weegee33 (Banned Forever)
  • Brenanrules1 (Banned Forever)
  • Mimo558 (Banned Forever)
  • Crazy Hand (Banned Forever)
  • Brendantaco2

Puffle Plushes I own

Blue Puffle (Bouncer)

Red Puffle (Cannon)

White Puffle (Snow)

Black Puffle (Fire)

Pink Puffle (Water)

Green Puffle (Goofer)

Purple Puffle (Bubble)

Black Puffle (Garlic)

Yellow Puffle (Artist)

White Puffle (Ice)

Orange Puffle (Pumpkin)

Club Penguin Mix and Match Toys I own

  • Squidzoid Penguin
  • Gamma Gal
  • Herbert and Klutzy
  • Blue Penguin
  • Gary the Gadget Guy
  • Ninja
  • Knight

Club Penguin Plushes I own

  • Rockhopper Plush
  • Long Johns Penguin
  • Sensei Plush
  • Cadence Plush
  • Rescue Squad Plush
  • Bumble Bee Plush
  • Gary the Gadget Guy Plush
  • Rad Scientist Plush
  • Ninja Plush
  • Green Dragon Plush


Completing someones Mission

Award gotten for completing Upgrader's Quiz

Bla87's Free Award

People I met

Gizmo (on his test account Gizmo System) I think 5x

Rsnail (using Gizmo's Test Account) 1x

Beta's 2x

Aunt Arctic 1x

Rockhopper 2x

Gary the Gadget Guy 2x

Cadence 1x

Penguin Band 0x

Chrisdog93 2x

Chinsetakout 1x

Sensei 1x

Screenhog (on his test account Freesing) 7x

Saraapril 2x

My Igloo

My Igloo

Click to enlarge.


Brendantaco2 goes on Snow Day

Brendantaco2's Best Friend is Bla87

Brendantaco2 has caught the Mullet in Ice Fishing

Brendantaco2 has every colored puffle

Brendantaco2 has beaten both Club Penguin EPF Games

Brendantaco2 wants the Green Bunny Ears