NAME Windypink's penguin is called Windy Pink.
OTHER This user's other penguin is called Abigail Ices.
Hello123 Windypink is Excellent!
Happy emoticon Windypink denominies him/herself as a friendly User!
USFlag This user is American.

Sun Pin This user has finished school and is now on summer vacation! Hooray!
Happy emoticon Windypink's best friend on Club Penguin is Chole Ices.
This user's best friend on the Club Penguin Wiki is Surfenusa Xd.

SOMLOMLYPLEDGE Windypink states that they will never stop editing the wiki!

Windypink is female.
Allpufflespecies This user is a Puffle Lover!
2009 This user voted for Maroon in the 2009 Color Vote!
RedTeam00 <center> This user is from the Red Team! </center>

White puffpic HUZZAH! Windypink has seen the White Puffle in the wild! Amazing!
Ninja in-game Windypink is a ninja!
EPF Logo Windypink is a top agent of the EPF.

444 This user has made 444 edits on the Club Penguin Wiki.

=) Windypink's best friend is Chole Ices & Surfenusa. They are so nice and funny. :)!

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