• I live in pluto
  • My occupation is watching The Simpsons
  • I am male

I am a cm.

About me

My favourite colour is yellow (of course). I love many different types of music, from dubstep to classical music. But not modern pop music.

About my Penguin

I have two penguins. One is a member and the other is a non-member. My member one is 1086 days old. I've currently got 33000 coins.

Wikia Stuff

This wiki is currently my home wiki.

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I go into chat a lot.

My favorite pages


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I got 1000 edits =



Maccy1949 Agent Unknown Callum Fawsitt Vincetick TheNintendoKing ISparks

And Unknown Cake is trying to figure out why these userboxes have her name.

To Do List

Get 1000 edits DONE :D 05/08/2014

Get 1500 edits DONE :D

Get 2000 edits

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My Creations

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