aka the girl with too much free time

  • I live in drought hell (aka california)
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is student
  • I am an asexual panromantic she/her/hers pronoun-using young adult
Penguin's Name Ylimegirl
Member? Yes, Level 5
First Pin Sandwich Pin
Stamps 171
Famous Penguins Met Gary the Gadget Guy, Cadence, Penguin Band, Aunt Arctic, Rookie
Date Joined Wiki September 30th, 2013
Date Left Wiki June 22nd, 2015
Date Joined Club Penguin September 27th, 2010
Admin? No
I have left this wiki.
You can still contact me through my talkpage if needed.

Hello, I'm fifteen years old and have too much time on my hands. At the moment, I'm mostly fixing redirects. I am not edit spamming! I make lots of minor edits to fix redirects, yes, but that's because I work through the redirects list rather than each page, meaning I may do many minor edits to one page a large amount of times in a time period that some would view as edit spamming.

I dislike the way the userboxes are formatted, so I'm just going to list a bunch of information and fun facts about me below in bullet point form:

  • I use female pronouns.
  • I live in the PST timezone (which, conveniently, is also Penguin Standard Time!)
    • Not only that, but I live in droughtland sunny California, which is where Club Penguin is headquartered.
  • I'm pretty good at wikicode.
  • I play Club Penguin.
    • My (inactive) best friends on Club Penguin are Cutybears and Alexrube.
    • I am an EPF agent.
      • I figured out there was something up with the Everyday Phoning Facility without looking anywhere online due to my awesome detective skills! *wiggles mustache* I also have the Attention postcard due to my awesome detective skills. *wiggles mustache again*
    • I am a ninja.
      • I am a water ninja.
      • I am a fire ninja.
      • I am a snow ninja... kind of? Card Jitsu Snow keeps glitching on me and being annoying, so I don't have all the items? I think I might technically be one though? I don't really know...
    • I think the rarest item I own is probably the Whirlpool Background?
    • For a long time, I had over 45k coins, almost reaching the 50k mark. Without hacking. Just codes, lack of purchasing items, and playing a lot of ice fishing (with the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod and all the stamps).
      • I am now down to about 35k due to buying a lot of puffles, clothing, and furniture on a shopping spree.
    • I own a puffle of every type... except for the last dinosaur one (the bane of my existence) and all the ones released between the Frozen Party and the Frozen Fever Party, since that's when I took a break from Club Penguin. Um, I guess that's not really close to having all of them at all...?
    • I have the Club Penguin app. I've only used it about three times though.
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