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The Contributions of Zapwire


Zapwire uses Xubuntu Linux.

SeaMonkey This user uses SeaMonkey to browse the web.

Chatzilla This user uses ChatZilla as their IRC client.

GIMP Zapwire uses the GIMP for drawing.

Flagamb Zapwire is Canadian.

-4 (AST) This user is 4 hours behind UTC and goes by Canada Atlantic time.

Mop This user has Administrator rights on the Club Penguin Wiki (verify)


Time Zone Pacific Mountain Central Eastern Atlantic GMT
Standard 07:44 08:44 09:44 10:44 11:44 15:44
Daylight 08:44 09:44i 10:44 11:44 12:44 16:44

Tangled threads and corporate crime

Neutered vampire who cheats at kitten poker!

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