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About me

I am a lemur with an ambition to absorb knowledge from other lifeforms that occupy this small planet. I stumbled through the mystical mountains of the east and lived off chocolate raisins during the great lemur rationing in 2010.

100% true... of course.

About my Penguin

Under a second pseudonym, my penguin has been part of CP for well over 8 years, waddling around mainly for the artwork of rooms and the funky tunes. The first party I attended was the Surprise Party in 2007, the first pin I obtained was the Butterfly pin. I have (at last count) 350K coins, and 272 stamps the most recent being the SOS 60 stamp. I have been a member for over 6 years, but due to the Lemur-Nation financial crash of 2013, I remained waddling without the member privileges.

Wikia Things

I joined the wiki a while ago, but started editing more recently. Prevailing and eating lemur food has seen many of my contributions removed, re-added, removed and re-added until the dust settles.

The Great Lemur Food Rationing of 2010

A very overlooked event occurred in the land of the lemur (AKA Lemur-Nation) only half a decade ago. Here's a few facts about the Lemur Food Ration:

  • Chocolate raisins were not restricted in supply.
  • I hid my secret stash of Cheddar cheese during the time as it was a rationed food, I didn't want anyone stealing it...
  • The Ration ended when a fellow lemur found out how to cultivate plants to produce near-endless supply of apples.


  • I'm not actually a lemur :)
  • I founded the PoCtB, an attempt to reverse part AB XII of the NKIBSaR Act of 2011. But this is another story about my trials as a lemur, and so I'll have to stop here.