I am -TwinkieReborn-. You used to know me as Twinkie102 from 2012 to 2014, then my current name since 2016. You might have heard about Felix Steiner, a troll account on the Club Penguin Wiki. This account was created in August 2014 and was quickly banned indefinitely for unknown reasons. The bot was unavailable particularly during the time this account was banned. Felix Steiner came back in October 2016 requesting to be unbanned, and Watatsuki allowed it. On May 5th, 2020, Felix popped up out of nowhere and began a new ten day life on chat. This was the final phase of my experiment.

I was Felix Steiner. On October 22nd, 2016, I initiated the experiment which ended today, May 16th, 2020. On that day, I logged into the two year old account and requested it be unbanned. I then left it dormant for three and a half years as I moved on with other parts of my plan.

In 2017, I had Shurow and Callum Fawsitt/CPW Community Admin stripped of their bureaucratic rights. CPWCA became the shortest-lived bureaucrat after my effort to have him demoted passed. Seth4564TI wanted a vote in early 2017 to elect a new chat moderator. I supported the idea and then beat him in the vote. I then resigned just a few months later to bring the moderator number back down. Seth had Vicyorus removed as admin. I planned on getting that done in the same year, but I accept that he did it. It still went along with my plan.

The drama sparked by the chat moderator vote Seth started caused a loss of users. This went along with my thinning phase. The thinning was an effort to see who would stick around on a failing wiki with rising tension. CustardTheWikiBird informed me Seth4564TI asked to put me on the Demotion Project in February 2017 during my trip to New Orleans. Seems like he got mad.

Was this about power or was it about being against power? It was a test of the community. It was a test to see who would stick around to the end. The closure of Club Penguin in March 2017 helped my ideology by thinning the amount of users in the wiki.

On the same day that I made Felix Steiner ask to be unbanned in 2016, I began creating my series, I'm With Stupid. I kept it going to attempt to weed out the impatient ones in chat. I did it to weed out the ones who would be annoyed. The series has grown into a strong successful series, but it's just a result of the experiment.

Fast forward to May 2020. The final phase. Felix Steiner trolls the remaining users in the wiki. I made this happen (with struggle) to test the patience of the final remaining users. This phase went on for ten days. It seems our final users are the wiki's strongest links. Since 2012, I've watched this wiki rise and fall, and it has now fallen into my image. The drama my experiment both intentionally and unintentionally started formed the wiki into my view. Quarantine has also brought back some older users lately.

So... any questions about Project Authority?

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