As you all know, my grandmas uncles cousins babys stepmothers babysitters grandma is Spike Hike, so as you can imagine we are very close. I had the opportunity to go and see some exclusive sneak peeks that I would be excited to share!

So, in January there is a Prep N' Pookie Party, where you pick a team and fight against each other. If you complete the special agent-only minigame, you can defeat Saraapril and earn the Prep Helmet. As usual, only 2 rooms will be decorated, and most features are member only.

In Febuary, the Puffle Party 2014 is being launched! Apparently a new puffle, the Clear Puffle, will be available. They are very easy to loose, so you gotta keep them locked up in Torture Chambers a special party room. (Parental Guidence Suggested for children under the age of 37. Club Penguin is not responsible for seizures, temporary blindness, or other medical conditions.

In March Club Penguin is hosting the April Fools Party! The only party rooms will be the dimensions, which Tusk opened, leading to Card-Jitsu Crazy that month. Server jumping will come out, along with the blacker belt which has a special tripple flip ninja action.

In April there is another Marvel Party, where you can transform into a super hero or villan. The Protobot will be a mascot, and if you meet him, you will get the Killer Robot givaway! The Torture Chamber special Puffle Party room will make another appearance, and will replace the Mine Shack. Saraapril is scheduled to make another blog about how Disney destroyed Club Penguin.

In May, the Time Trekker is back! The Future Party will have a new transformation, the Robot. It will sponcer another cheaply made Disney movie, but Spike Hike refused to say which one. And the Lighthouse will be permanently removed, replaced by the Nursery, which has the same design as the lighthouse from the Prep N' Pookie Party.

June is a fun month for the EPF. Herbert takes over Club Penguin, in a new mission known as Operation:Whiteout. The blackout was such a hit, Spike Hike said, that they had to make a sequel. Herbert gets a giant magnifying glass and puts it over the sun, melting the snow. He will explode the newly designed Iceberg, and the shark will be let out.

In July, there is an Underwater Party! Rockhopper is called in to wrangle up that megladon, and everyone goes underwater to help. Fish will be the transformation. It shall be sponcered by Finding Dory. At the end of the party, Rockhopper gets eaten by the shark, which swims out to sea. The Aqua Grabber will be moved to the beach. A new member-only level will be added, called Shark Oceans.

August is the summer jam! The Penguin Band will be transformed a final time into a screamo band! The whole island (AKA 5 rooms) will feature new screamo music, which will stay after the party. There is a new scavenger hunt, in which the Band Background will be re-released. It will be sponcered by Miley Cyrus, which becomes Cadences idol.

September will have the Medieval Party, cuz traveling in time once in the year just isn't enough. The Time Trekker will take you into Medieval times, and you have to fight young Scorn to free the ancient golden puffle. PH will be killed waddle around for the party. It turns out the golden puffle was made of chocolate. Have we learned nothing from Quest for tbe Golden Puffle?

In October there is the Scary Takeover! Halloween will be cancelled, as it isn't celebrated in some countries. The Beta Hat will be re-released, destroying it's rarity. It will sponcer some stupid awesome Disney Channel Original Movie! Club Penguin is not responsible for any Seizures, headaches, vomiting, and or cardiac arrest.

November is the Burger takeover/EPF mission! McDirector make an a special appearance, along with McRookie. It will sponcer some fast food restraunt, because Disney opened a new food chain and it was too cheap to pay for TV Commercials. Herbery will finally be defeated by a vat of oil.

And finally, the Club Penguin Closing Party! Since Disneys restraunt chain was raking in cash, they didn't need CP anynore to make a few extra bucks. All the rooms will be reverted to their old designs, and all the rare items will be released on Club Penguin's last day. On December 31, 2014, the beta hat will be re-released for the second time this year (third if you count the one in the Penguin Style Catalog in Febuary). On January 1st, 2015, it is repopened, because of law suits agains the new Disney restraunts, forcibg them to shut them all down, and all the Emails from Saraapril saying that there is a glitch in CP that she can't log on.

So, 2014 will be a really fun year.

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