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  • A Random Gravity Falls Fan

    Hai! So today I want to talk about how and why Club Penguin is ruined. Before you ask, "Then why are you on this wiki?", the reason I'm here is because even though I don't like the new Club Penguin, I still loved the old game and want to edit pages about it. I write fan-made parties because I want to pretend that Club Penguin has features that I'd appreciate, like non-member items (lots of which I include in my fanon parties). Anyway, here is evidence of Club Penguin being ruined:

    1) The member-only system. A few years ago, Club Penguin used to provide many things for people who weren't members. There was only a tiny difference between non-members and members then, but now it's just unacceptable. Non-members can basically do nothing. They c…

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  • A Random Gravity Falls Fan

    The Gravity Falls Party is a sponsored party in Club Penguin. It was made as a tribute to the popular Disney XD show Gravity Falls' end, and will take place from June 15, 2016, to June 29, 2016, four years after the show began.

    In the party, characters from the show (Dipper, Mabel, Stan, and Ford) come to Club Penguin Island looking for monsters left over from Weirdmageddon, an apocalyptic event that occured the last summer in their town.

    Item Type How to Get Members Only?
    Dipper's Vest & Shirt Body Item Complete Dipper's quest. Yes
    Dipper's Hat Head Item Complete Dipper's quest. No
    Mabel's Star Sweater Body Item Complete Mabel's quest. Yes
    The Mabel Head Item Complete Mabel's quest. No
    Stan's Suit Body Item Complete Stan's quest. Yes
    Stan's Fez …

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  • A Random Gravity Falls Fan

    My Puffles

    December 20, 2015 by A Random Gravity Falls Fan

    Image Name Color Adopted Random Fact
    Apple Red Somewhen in 2013 (gotta check dat certificate) He hates apples, ironically.
    R2-D2 White January 21, 2014 He always wears an R2-D2 Helmet, hence his name.

    Note: This isn't all the puffles I own. I just... didn't finish this post yet. :3

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  • A Random Gravity Falls Fan

    Hai! As you can tell by the title, I need artwork for my fanon party, the SpongeBob Takeover. This includes the logo, rooms, and items. This page has everything in those categories that you can send to me. You can do that by commenting a picture that you made, what it is, and what it's for on this post. I'll add it to the fanon page and credit you too!

    Note that I don't really care if you're a bad drawer, I'll still use your drawing. So feel free to comment your pictures. Bai!

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  • A Random Gravity Falls Fan

    The Star Wars Takeover 2016 is a party in Club Penguin that began on January 12, 2016 and ended on February 2, 2016. It is based on the Star Wars series of movies (most notably The Force Awakens) and is the third Star Wars-related party, the others being the Star Wars Takeover 2013 and the Star Wars Rebels Takeover.

    This party was created to celebrate the release of the seventh Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It didn't have any plot whatsoever, however, players can visit the planet Jakku from the movie and buy special Star Wars items.

    As a bonus, penguins can fight using lightsabers, similar to how they did in the 2013 party.

    Item Type How to Get Members Only?
    Green Lightsaber Hand Item Awarded at the start of the party. No
    Blue L…

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