aka Collin

  • I live in The aether
  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is Playing minecraft
  • I am Steve (minecraft)
  • Autoeditior

    I have been banned recently by penguin pal for stuff that isnt even on policy.

    1. Cussed on mirons "unofficial" shoutbox: Banned a week from wiki chat for trolling and posting innappropiate messages? Doesnt say anywhere on this wiki that claims our rules count there.
    2. Used the command netstat: I had " legaly " obtained " public " ips from the chat using the command netstat and get banned from the entire wiki a week?

    Now i say this my last time update the policy or quit banning for the sillyest things.

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  • Autoeditior

    Welcome to my first cp guide and todays topic is on cracking penguins. Ever watch a youtuber post a account and wonder how they do it? It is quite simple if you follow this guide!

    Step 1: Go to cp log in page Step 2: Think of a common name like ninja or something like that Step 3: Input example Ninja 1 and pass ninja but make sure to have the text clicker flashing in user before you hit enter Step 4: Now if you have done it correctly ever time it says wrong pass or banned forever you can just hit the backspace and put a new number and keep going.

    If you dont want to try and just get accounts subsribe to my channel right here.

    Thank you for reading part 1 of my new blog series, Auto the mage

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  • Autoeditior

    This is not a blog about me angry about this ban but i would like for this wikis policy to be updated. I have gotten banned by a chat mod for spamming on another wiki. Then i have gotten banned now for trolling on another website that has nothing to do with this wiki? I would like to get some details on how if this isnt on policy or any rules broken. The one who banned me now says i was bullying. Does that make since if i had a friend on the wiki who i knew and rl and i cussed at him, would i get banned her for it? Most likely not.

    Auto the mage

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  • Autoeditior

    Invalid ban

    May 29, 2013 by Autoeditior

    Hey i just got banned for " inter wiki " something and i request unban because look at policy

    These are the 12 NOs. Please click on them to view them in detail.

    No swearing. No bullying. No spamming or negatively changing articles. No unrelated articles. No links to inappropriate sites. No abusing your available powers. No advertising sub pages, products, or websites. No making fun of other people's race, nationality or gender. No abusing multiple accounts. No fights. No completely off topic content.

    Where is this inter wiki mess?

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  • Autoeditior

    Demote Request: Apj

    November 28, 2012 by Autoeditior

    Apj does not deserve the right of mod if he doesnt even do he job right reasons below.

    1. Discriminates gay people 2. Bans and kicks people who tell him hes discriminating a life style of people 3. Calls gay a swear and in the dictionary there are 2 definitions Happy and liking other men i dont see a swear word in that 4. its only a rude word if you call others gay not if they call there self it 5. He is breaking the Law by discrimination 6. Rage kicks

    By banning gay people what is this doing you may ask? Breaking laws, hurting those who are actually gay and is 100% rude

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