As long as I've been on this wiki, everything has almost been the same.

This wiki, however, needs some serious fixing. Let me start with the voting page.

The voting page is a terrible way to vote, as some people may not even know how to edit. It can also be annoying to some users, where you have to change lots of things. A place to vote should instead, be a forum branch on the forums.

There should also be a place to report someone. Just telling staff won't do it, since at some times, the staff may not even BE online.

I could keep going on. And I will. Back to the forums.

The forums has useless branches, take the Roleplaying branch. Last post was 21 days ago. Yeah sure, this wiki may be dead, but that branch has been dead for as long as it's been there!

This wiki needs to be fixed. Fortunately, there isn't anyone problems with mainspace, but some of the systems here really do need to be fixed.

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