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  • BeholdtheVision

    D: NOOO

    May 29, 2013 by BeholdtheVision

    Club penguin has announced that all of their summer parties will be new. Say goodbye to Music Jam and Adventure Party! D: WHY CP? I blame Cece and Rocky.

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  • BeholdtheVision

    Being one of those nostalgic penguins longing for the old days, I admit I was skeptical of this party upon viewing the teasers. the Puffle Party has been my favorite party for a while, and all teh enw additions did not bode well with me....but I admit, I am impressed.

    My biggest pet peeve is the rainbow puffle. Its make a legend so real is unfair to teh otehr puffles. Its liek saying "This is the king of puffles the others suck". Plus it farts sparkles. (Ech.) Its the Puffle party, not the Rainbow Puffle Party. (1/5)

    However, I ADORE the Puffle Hotel. I hated the idea, but they executed it wonderfully. You can now feed and care for your puffle on the go, in a most pleadsing manner. (5/5)

    Overall, teh Puffle Party has fared must betetr…

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  • BeholdtheVision

    Did any of you guys see that penguins will be fighting sjowmen in Card Jitsu snow? I'll admit I am NOT a big fan of this, as CP is supposedly not violent, and those things look a bit...different...although it'll be nice to finally get a break from Herbert....

    Also, I wanted to criticize this wiki for signing up for all three allianxces when they do not have anything to do with this wiki, simply signing up for the sake of being in an alliance. If anything, this wiki would just be Heroes United becuase of the EPF.


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  • BeholdtheVision

    You all may find this party lame. Please do not comment if you do. Its supposed to be an old CP-like party with cooler decorations. There are typos galore. My keyboard is malfunctioning.

    Aunt Arctic decides to help penguins get interested in reading, and so she and Dot (who is helping with costumes) planned a special party.

    • Aunt Arctic (Background: Aunt Arctic Giveaway (ID 9113) except in the coffee shop.)
    • Dot the Disguise Gal (Background: Dot with you in the EPF HQ)

    • Cove/Lazy Riverside- Based on Tom Sawyer. It is now green and grassy with several trees. The Surf shack is now a rundown hut, and there is no campfire. thelogs are spread randomly. Free Item: Straw Hat
    • Forest/Story Book Hollow- Not based on any book in particular, the forest is decor…

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  • BeholdtheVision

    Please note that unlike the incredible SandorL and such I cannot actually make these, I'm planning it out only. And its filled w/ typos.

    Club penguin bands together to explore what lies behind the mountains of CP. Gary the Gadget Guy and Aunt Arctic are psyched for this party-until they get word that they'll have to get through an area inhabited by crabs. Wary of Klutzy's kin, AA orders Rookie, PH and Dot to come along for the ride. Not to be left out Cadence and the Penguin Band agree to help...but what's become of Sensei?)

    (NOTE: yes, all the mascots are involved in some sort of way. BUT they all have backgrounds exclusive to thsi party and are super hard to meet. Since there are so many of them, each of them make about ten appearances. Ro…

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