Very recently, Club Penguin has had it's Frozen Fever takeover, which has been the second of it kind, following the Frozen takeover in August 2014. Both the parties were quite similar, with many items from the original takeover returning. This made me question whether CP was going downhill. I will now present to you the facts.

Lack of New Items If you have been on Club Penguin for a while, you might have noticed how old items are returning. While there is nothing wrong, in my opinion, of a popular, beloved or iconic item returning after a while, there really is a point where it is too much. For instance, a few pages from this month's catalog were simply copy-pasted from last year's catalog, and the entire catalog for last month was the exact same as the Frozen Takeover's.

Recolors I understand how hard it is to create a new item, but that doesn't mean you can just slap a new color on an item and return it. I'd rather have no items that recolored items. It only works if it's part of a series.

The New Items in General Think the new items look ghastly? you're not alone. They might look alright on your player card, but they look disturbing in-game. Just why? Why CP?

Lack of Roleplayers Remember the time we had Forestrians, Hoodies, Pookies and all that jazz? Well, now we don't even have preps (as annoying as they are.) Most of the people on CP nowadays are noobs.

'Takeovers' What happened to ad-free? Takeovers are just walking adverts for Disney franchises! And most of the content advertised is honestly quite violent. (No offense to the Franchises though. Marvel and Star Wars FTW!)

Boring Parties To be honest, ever since the Penguin Cup, parties started going downhill. We had the Frozen takeover, the the pirate party, the Frozen Fever Takeover, the Star Wars Rebels takeover and probably a lot other sucktastic parties. What next, A.N.T Farm Takeover?

Puffle Overload I love puffles as much as the next penguin, put puffle creatures are just a tiny bit too much. While I admit I enjoyed the dino puffles and ghost puffles, adding puffle creatures for every last party, and 24 new puffle creatures in 1 1/3 years? I think I'll pass.

But there is a silver lining to this. The question is: Is it worth it? Now I will list some things I enjoy about Disney's Club Penguin:

Card Jitsu As a non-member, I have limited privileges when it comes to playing Club Penguin. Playing games is one of those things. Due to updates, non-members are able to play all four types of Card-Jitsu. I also enjoy Card-Jitsu Snow.

Igloos for Non-Members We non-members don't get a lot of furniture. Or igloos. Heck, there was once a time when we didn't even have igloos. Now, we get igloos from most of the parties.

New Room Updates I don't mind room updates, they usually make it more fun to RP, unless they take the original purpose away from the room. But I do feel that atleast half of CP should be left the way it is. That way, the new generation can experience the brilliance of Old CP.

Easier Editing Format For Igloos Let's face it: It was near impossible to put together an igloo using the old format and just one space. It is much more convenient now.

But is it worth it? No. My suggestion is that you combine the best of both eras, and have a Throwback Thursday every Thursday, along with a few old-fashioned parties and less takeovers.

Conclusion CP is indeeed, going downhill. But we, as users of this beloved game, we must keep it alive. We shall return it to its former glory! We shall sprout wings and FLY!

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