CDE1 CDE1 7 July 2015

Arcade Machines: Buttons vs Controls

Warning: Boring!

So, lets talk about Arcade machines. Basically - we're going to check if the amount of buttons that can be seen on every Arcade machine matches the amount of controls that are needed in-game.

Lets start with the first Arcade game:

So as we can see, the arcade machine has one joystick, and two buttons. The joystick is obviously used to control the movement of the ship, but what about the other buttons?

Well, one of them has to be the shooting button, but what does the other button do? Well, what other controls do we have? When you just start the game, or when you're shown a "loading" screen in game, you can press Enter to skip it. There's also the option to skip to levels 10, 20 or 30 by pressing '1' '2' or '3' right after clic…

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