Hi. I feel bored so I wanna do a drawing of you. So if you wanna get drawing by me, you have to decide if you want me to draw you with no color, just line art, or a drawing that is shaded, or a drawing that has color but no shade. Comment below and copy and paste this and fill out it: Color: Head: Face: Neck: Body: Feet: Hand: Line art or color with no shading or color with shading:

The drawing over there is an example of a shaded drawing.

Don't be shy, go ahead and request one! ^^ Notes:

  • Due to so many requests, you can only have one drawing.
  • If you want me to make the drawing quick, you have to choose line art or color with no shading.
  • If your drawing isn't here it, don't comment "WHERE'S MY DRAWING?!!" I might be working on a drawing or i'm doing yours later.
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