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  • My occupation is Being Awesome
  • I am a Sheep
  • C H U N K Y

    My Composition

    November 2, 2014 by C H U N K Y

    Hey, yesterday I composed a piece of music. You should hear it playing now... It consists of 2 instruments - Piano & Flute. However, I haven't thought of a name yet.... so I need you to think of one for me :P If you can't hear it:

    Please take note that this is my first ever composition, so don't expect it to be brilliant :P Suggestions below!

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  • C H U N K Y

    Yay! 2 years ago I joined the wiki, and I remember it well.

    It was a fine day, and I was viewing the wiki once more, after taking a strong interest. However, on this day, the urge to sign up was greater than usual. My cursor slowly glided to the button. And with a few clicks my account was created.

    I edited my userpage and all the other stuff a new user would do. However, I challenged myself to get used to the Wiki's form of HTML, as I hadn't had much experience of this in the past. I logged onto chat, and was greeted by all the users. Well, I was kicked... twice. For spam. But it wasn't my fault, I didn't know what spam was then :P Anyway, all this seemed to happen when the chat was under attack, as I have been informed, and I was actually …

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  • C H U N K Y

    I liek Camelz

    February 26, 2014 by C H U N K Y


    __ .--. .' `. .' . :\ /  : L F  :\ / . : | .-._ /  : \/ J .' ___\ J  : /  : : L /--' ``. F  : J | . / J L \_>. .--w) J / \_/| . `-__| F / ` -' /|) |  : J ' | .' ': | .  : \ / J  : |L F | \ || F . |  : … Read more >
  • C H U N K Y

    A riddle for ya

    February 24, 2014 by C H U N K Y

    Ok, try and solve this ;)

    During World War 2, Germany has blocked the only way in and out fom switzerland. This is a rakety bridge, over a river infested by sharks. The Germans have put a guard tower in place. The guard is a bit lazy, and only comes out to check the bridge every 5 minutes. If their is anyone on the bridge, he sends them the other way. The bridge takes 5 minutes to cross, so the guard has to come out at least once during the crossing. There is a lady with a pram wanting to cross the bridge into switzerland. How can she cross?

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  • C H U N K Y

    Before you question me, all of this is true. Seriously.

    It was a cosy day in December 2012. On the Club Penguin Wiki, the chat mod calendar was back for the month. It was Chunky's second experiance of the calendar, and he had just managed to secure a place.

    Chunky's 1-day trial was at the end of the month, the last trial of the calendar. In the morning he logged onto chat, and explained to Dps04, who was on the chat at the time, how he was supposed to be a moderator on that day. Dps promoted Chunky, but the promotion failed. They were both clueless about this failure, but Dps tried again.

    This time it worked. Chunky spent the day being nice and pleasant to people, and he was so lucky to be on the scene of a ban, one supplied by himself. At th…

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