Hey guys!

Okay, so half of you are going to love this and half of you are gonna hate this. I have found proof that there will be a Teen Beach Movie party in August. Now, this may not be solid evidence, but it's pretty darn obvious. Let me show you the evidence and tell me what you think.

Clue 1

As many of you know, Spike Hike said in a tweet,

Lots of talk about Music Jam. I love it too! But lots of penguins asked for a summer party too and we have one coming...with music!!
Think about it. Teen Beach Movie is a summer-themed musical. It makes since.

Clue 2

On IMBD it says the next episode of Game On! (the show on Disney Channel that often talks about Club Penguin parties) will be called "Teen Beach Movie Party". Unless this is an error, this is almost solid evidence.

Clue 3


In the top left corner, that looks like part of the "N" in Club Penguin's logo.

In this leaked image, you see Hallie, the host of Game On! standing with Ross Lynch and Chrissie Fit, the stars of Teen Beach Movie, in front of a Club Penguin background. There is a small chance that isn't a Club Penguin background, but that palm tree looks pretty familiar.

Clue 4

Lastly, this picture is with out a doubt a screenshot from Game Out! Unless Hallie is talking about some other game and Ross and Chrissie just happen to be there, I think it's a pretty safe bet.


Note: There's a cardboard cutout of Cadence right behind Hallie!

So, like I said before, this may not be true, you never know, but given the evidence, there's a good chance that our "Summer Music Jam" has gotten bought out by Disney Channel. Looks like I won't be on CP during August.

Oh well, tell me what you think about this, and leave your ideas in the comments!

-Charlie the Penguin

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