Choco Late9

aka Choco

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on June 7
  • I am busy, deal with it.
  • Choco Late9

    Thoughts of Choco

    October 20, 2012 by Choco Late9

    It has come to my attention that I was recently demoted from my Rollback and Chat mod rights on October 20, 2012. Chat mod I couldn't care less since I was just a replacement for someone who lost their right. Rollback however, I earned. The reason of this lose? Mostly for being inactive. Lol. Pardon me, but I have school work and a social life to worry about. Not to mention that yesterday, the 19th, I was dealing with being sick, homework, family, amongst other things. Ah yes, and that day marked 8 months of me being with someone. Such things that are much more important in life than a wikia like this. Oh well. I'm sure the staff here can find nice, mature replacements who know what they're doing. Of course they probably won't have any exp…

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  • Choco Late9

    Short Notice

    July 13, 2012 by Choco Late9

    Ello one and all.

    So, apparently I'm going to be away for the next few days due to a small trip my family planned. Because of this, I won't be around anywhere on the wiki until the 16,th in my time zone anyways. I would have said something earlier about this, but I just found out recently; and I mean that as in like 10 minutes ago. So pardon me for this sudden and brief absence of mine and remember that I won't be able to answer any messages until I return.

    PS: Over 4,000 edits

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  • Choco Late9

    Ello one and all. Today I would like to share somewhat interesting facts that made my day.

    • First off: I was promoted.
    • Second: finding out that my main penguin (CL9) is now 1700 days old.
    • Third: having a friend generously giving me a coin code as a belated birthday gift.
    • Fourth: I've now made over 3000 edits.
    • Fifth: this in my first blog. Oh the joy.

    Yeah I know that might not being as interesting to you as it was to me, so let us now change the subject to a future event. As many of us already know, the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam is coming up later next month. So here's are a few fun little questions:

    • What fee items do you think will available?
    • If any items were to return, which ones?
    • Are you looking forward to the party?

    To answer my own questions…

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