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  • Chriskim98

    3rd wikiversary!!

    October 2, 2016 by Chriskim98

    ayee so its been about 3 years since i've joined cpw, great timesss

    btw im two months late gg

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  • Chriskim98


    August 9, 2015 by Chriskim98

    Club Penguin Updates
    Issue #14: August 13, 2015


    1. Introduction Of The Updates
    2. Club Penguin Times Issue #456
    4. New Furniture Items!
    5. New Stage Play

    Current Pin

    Hey everyone. Its Chriskim98 here! It has been a real long time since I have posted an updates blog, or a blog in general! I have noticed there weren't that many "update" blogs anymore.. so I'm here to make it alive again! :D (I hope). Now the Fashion Festival will be coming soon in 2 weeks! There aren't that many updates other than the Furniture and the biggest clothing catalog ever, so I will definitely review those over! If there is anything wrong with the updates, (ex. errors, etc) please tell me in the comments. Lets start with the UPDATES!

    Fun Facts a…

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  • Chriskim98

    Hello everyone!

    Its a me Chriskim98! I am here today for Summer Shenanigans 2015! Most of CPW users know that there was one in 2013 and 2014. Now its back (again)! Since there are more users than before I hope that more people will participate and mostly HAVE FUN! I will host this (again) (Hopefully) For more info on this fun party, "Race against an admin? Play find four with a Bureaucrat? Or maybe even throw snowballs at chat moderators?" or Have you ever wanted to be in a game show, or maybe even a fun Quiz on chat? Well now its here with Summer Shenanigans 2014! Have you ever wanted to win something? Well now you can with awesome Igloo contests, Costume Contests, or it can even get crazy to a DANCE contest! From editing contests, to Tipp…

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  • Chriskim98

    As The Penguin Herald is starting to die out, yet once again, we will need members into helping our newspaper. If you are one of these members to get elected the staff members, Phineas, Chris, or Fuzzy will tell you where to edit (page wise) and what you will be doing. Now, you might be asking what are the different positions that are available?

    The positions that are available are...

    • Snapshotter (2 Needed)- In this position you will take pictures of updates going around CP such as party rooms, newspaper, pins etc.
    • Regular Editor (3 Needed)- In this position, you will fix minor edits on the newspaper as well as take charge in such as updating the pins category, the Did You Know, as well as any other new information that might be needed in the…

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  • Chriskim98


    December 28, 2014 by Chriskim98

    If anyone needs me ill be in the backup wiki.

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