Hey guys, since my last blog post was a fail, i'll make a new blog post! As you guys know, my wikiversary was 2 weeks ago but nobody knew about except a few people. I wanted this to be a special event so I made this blog post.


My Experience

  • Here's my story. I first joined this wiki on August 12, 2013. At first I knew no one. My first ever friend was Kitten. Shortly after I left due to boredness of the wiki. I came back during Late November when Operation Puffle was going on. I met even more friends such as BluePuffle470 and Casablankcer. Then came the Christmas time when I met my best friends, Twinkie, Tech, and Jnk. That was just the beginning. Then when the new year came, I decided to start fresh, and try to become a Chat Moderator. I started to edit and I made 1000 edits in one month! I kept on going til I reached the goal of 2000 edits. During that time, I face Wikia War 1, where at the time it took place I was a temp Chat mod! After that, during Feb of 2014, Casa and Cap got demoted due to inactivity. WikiaMaster and I were replaced to Chat Moderators! :) Then I was promoted to a Rollback in April of 2014. Now, as it was my first wikiversary, it means i've been on this wiki for 1 entire YEAR! Fireworks Image

Achievements I achieved

  • Chat Moderator - Feb 8, 2014
  • Rollback - April 2014
  • Made my first page - May 2014 (Yes I didnt know how to make pages til then :P)
  • Befriended a lot of people! :D

Achievements I want to achieve

  • Being a POTM
  • To become a Patroller
  • Be more active and to edit more

Now for the Surprise

I will be hosting a one month membership giveaway in a few weeks so stay tuned.


September 1, 2014 | 12:00 PM PST | Meeting Point: Iceberg

Fireworks Image WOO HOO! Fireworks Image

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