Hello everyone, As you see by the title, "CPW Awards for the 2013-2014" year of the Club Penguin Wiki! :D Now, this awards is not like any other. We will first begin with the 20 "topics" in which there will only be one user winning. Then after that everyone will eventually get an individual award, and if you did not get one, you will get a free userbox!

The Second Stage is....

Funniest User! (Nominations are Opened for 15 hours. Then the Voting will begin for only about 10 hours.)

Nominate on who you should think that should get this award! Remember, play fair and dont nominate yourself!


  • 1. Do not swear on any sort on the comments below, any type of these comments will be removed.
  • 2. Please make sure to support one another. Please no "Ugh why did he win?" those will also be removed.
  • 3. No voting for yourself!
  • 4. Each "topic" will last for 1 day!


  • 1. A Certificate to the winner of the individual topic.
  • 2. A userbox will be given away to everyone during the month of December!
  • 3. Individual user awards will be certificates/ribbons. These will be given out on a date that will be given out soon.
  • 4. An active participator will also get a participation award.
  • 5. 10 memberships will be given away at the end of the year (December) so please no "Put me in the raffle!" until the end of they year! :P
  • More to be added soon!

Now, have fun and nominate away!

Nominees for Funniest User

Nominee Nominated By Votes
Minecraft Creeper Fire86743
1 Vote

Previous Winners

Nominee Nominated By Category Won
Watatsuki Classified I.D.
Best Editor

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