Color Orb

aka Agent Color

  • I live in Club Penguin Island
  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is EPF Agent
  • I am male
  • Color Orb

    Slime World MMORPG

    December 30, 2012 by Color Orb

    Hello, Color Orb here, and I have a new idea of an MMORPG for myself. It will be called Slime World. I need help editing, and I need an MMORPG Game Making software. I took Game Editor, but I can't turn it on. I took DX Game Studio (or whatever it is) but it won't install. So please, can you give me a link to an MMORPG Game Making software download link? Note that you should check for those with no virus for avast! antivirus. Okay, bai!

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  • Color Orb

    Sled Racing Tournament

    October 8, 2012 by Color Orb

    I'm hosting a Sled Racing Tournament! I will need 2 users to join me. I am having 5 rounds!

    • 1st tube: User:Color Orb
    • 2nd tube: User:Madbootdude
    • 3rd tube: [[User:
    • 4th tube: [[User:

    Feel free to request joining!

    • Bronze Tube (3rd place): [[User:
    • Silver Tube (2nd place): [[User:
    • Gold Tube (1st place): [[User:
    • Simple Tube (no place): [[User:
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  • Color Orb

    Funny Superstory!

    October 8, 2012 by Color Orb

    A funny superstory!

    • Color Orb: Hey me.
    • Twin: Yes?
    • Color Orb: Guess what?
    • Twin: What?
    • Color Orb: IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZAH! *shoop da whoop laser from my mouth hits twin*
    • Twin: d(x_x)b
    • Color Orb: Oops...
    • Twin: How dare you!

    • Color Orb: AAAH!
    • Twin: *chases Color Orb*
    • Color Orb: *breaks the window* GOTCHA! *gets out the house through the window*
    • Color Orb's Parents: HEY! COME BACK HERE COLOR!
    • Twin: *gets out the house through the window too*
    • Color Orb's Parents: OI! STOP IT!
    • Color Orb: IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!
    • Color Orb's Parents: Go back here! LOOK AT WHERE YOU'RE GOING!

    • Color Orb: *runs back to house*
    • Twin: *isn't looking at Color Orb nor where he's going, hits a rolling boulder, he rolls with it*
    • Color Orb: AAAH!
    • Color Orb'…

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  • Color Orb

    Next Planet Vote

    October 7, 2012 by Color Orb

    Vote until October 10 in my time!

    Update: Extension until November 1 in my time! Which is probably October 31 for you. Possibly.

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  • Color Orb

    My First Color Vote

    May 24, 2012 by Color Orb

    My VERY FIRST color vote is here! Though I have no announcement. Periwinkle, Azure and Fuchsia will be battling!

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