Sorry, but this Awards is currently over and the winners are already chosen and they received the certificates and the participants also received the participation certificate CPNext Emoticon - Laughing Face



Every winners will get a certificates (It is a certificate but it looks like a postcard) with different colors and Every Nominees and everyone active in this blog post will get a participation certificate which is better than the winners certificate.

Previous Winners

Nominee Nominated By Category Won
Phineas99cp Ph1n3a5and77
Best Penguin
Mariocart25Charizard Agent Unknown
Best Graphics Designer
Hat Pop Mariocart25Charizard
Best Drawer
Penguin-Pal SugarPenguin12
Best Coder
JWPengie Jess0426
Funniest User
Penguin-Pal Agent Unknown
Most Helpful Penguin
Kyfur OrangePuffle
Best Editor
JWPengie Ballono
Best Storymaker
Cool Pixels Santa Jr2
Best Blogger
CPChatBot OrangePuffle
Best Bot


Waddle On! And also wait for more contests at my Blog Posts! Soccer Ball Pin Score; For; Your; Team! Pizza Eating Contest trophy 13:14, June 5, 2014 (UTC)

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