What's in Today's Issue?


Hello and welcome to another issue of The Weekly Custard (getting one step closer to becoming weekly every month!), in today's issue we have a few of our regular segments; Wiki News and an Interview - this time with Sharkzrule88! In addition to this, the CPWCU Tidbits section is here once again this week!

Wiki News

This last week it was announced that...Wiki user... *sniff* Apj26 would be... leaving us for a week...to a place with no internet connection. I, uh, I could do with a tissue please...tissues out for Custard in the comments please. ;(


It was also WikiaFrog's birthday on the 22nd of August! Hope you managed to send him birthday wishes!

There has also been an announcement regarding the CPWCU, which will be covered in the Tidbits section!

Sharkzrule88 Interview!

Custard: How do you feel about the Wiki's current state?

Sharkzrule88: The wiki's state isn't looking too good. We lost many users, making most of the wiki empty. I remember some old sections on this wiki that we used but this year it is either gone or ignored. A blog I created in 2014 had over 100 comments (even if most of it was just spam and hate comments) but now a blog only has up to 10 comments. We had some old users return this year but the wiki is still in a bad state. Our future isn't looking too great and I even heard about a user who has started making a project to get the wiki back on track!

Custard: When it was announced who you really were, how did you feel people reacted? Were you pleased by their reaction or a bit saddened?


Sharkzrule88: I wanted users to be surprised and everyone was. Everything worked exactly how I wanted it to.

Custard: If you were to choose your favourite "era" of the Wiki, which would it be and why?

Sharkzrule88: 2013-2014 because that was the start of The Puffle Planet! The wiki was also really successful and it had a lot of amazing users (who are now gone) including Kallie, Chris, Nintendo, Unknown, Sharkbate, etc. Wata was also a good friend of mine during this time but now I just yell at him. :(

Custard: How do you feel about POTM [Penguin of the Month]?

Sharkzrule88: POTM is alright since it rewards users for their good actions on this wiki. If it gets removed, maybe I'll be glad though.

Custard: How do you feel about our Vote Page? Do you find it useful and an effective way to get ideas for the Wiki across?

Sharkzrule88: The vote pages are very useful because we get to hear great ideas of how to change the wiki leading into fixing many of our problems. It is better than using polls since people can actually express their thoughts in the Comments section.

Custard: It's a relatively hot topic, do you feel the Wiki should gain a new admin or keep the current roster? If so, why? If not, why not?

Sharkzrule88: I feel like we should get a new admin to replace Callum. Some admins don't always answer our questions meaning we should get a user (possibly with rights) who actually does this. Maybe a new admin could impact the wiki as well.

Custard: And now it's time for one final question! Could you ever see yourself looking to gain any rights in the future? i.e. Patroller, Rollback, Chat Moderator, Admin etc.

Sharkzrule88: I don't think so. I think I was an alright chat moderator when I was TPP but I'll stick to having no rights. If I was CM though, maybe I wouldn't be banned right now since I would have taken things more seriously on chat. Chat moderating was stressful sometimes and my recent chat bans are keeping me down. Who knows though?

Thanks for your time, Sharkz!

CPWCU Tidbits, Trivia & News!

So within the last week, it has been announced that The Seth Movie is scheduled to release on October 14th, 2016. Not much is known about the cast yet, except that I will be playing Seth, and PixieLil will be playing Tres!


We'll have more news on the movie soon, the script is currently being written and WikiaFrog, Seth4564ti (writer) & I have planned out the basic plotline and characters, you can keep an eye out for more news here in the Weekly Custard, or spot it as it comes here: http://wikiafrog.wikia.com/wiki/The_Seth_Movie.

The End


Ah, why must all good things come to an end?

I believe it's about time to wrap up this week's issue, but please don't forget to leave feedback in the comments below, and let me know if you'd like to be interviewed! People who have been interviewed prior to the August 9th issue are now eligible to be interviewed again, due to the shift from Club Penguin-geared questions to Wiki-geared questions. Thanks for reading and see you next week (I hope)!

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