Hey there! Welcome to the brand new blog I'm running called the CPWCU (Club Penguin Wiki Cinematic Universe) Hidden Lore series!

In this series, I'll be going into detail about certain events or happenings in productions from the CPWCU, these blogs have no set schedule and will come out randomly, and for now will only cover things from The WikiaFrog Movie, but expect more as more films release.

So, let's get started with our very first blog in the series!

The Dream Land Incident

Years ago, Sir Masterful was given the power to control dreams by God, as he was a trustworthy being who had quite an imagination (more in The WikiaFrog Show Episode 12: `Masterful`).

However, as the years passed by, Sir Masterful let the power of dream-control get to his head, and decided to plot a master scheme to keep everybody on the planet in a permanent dream state, so that he had complete control over everybody.


Sir Masterful

Sir Masterful started his master scheme by re-opening the mind of the long-dead Dr. Vangley, and using his mind to form a lair inside of his head, full of equipment formed by Vangley's imagination, for which Masterful could have complete control over everybody in the Dreamscape.

Starting to experiment, Masterful's next move was to attempt to resurrect the dead, he felt that if he could bring even the deceased into the Dream Land, he would have much more people to rule over.

Masterful managed to take the conscience of the fading spirit of a man called Charlie, and bring it through to Vangley's mind.

Sir Masterful explained to Charlie his scheme, and Charlie agreed to help with it, he was assured he was doing the right thing by Masterful, who told him that if Charlie helped him, he could assure the endless mind torture of WikiaFrog, the grandson of the man who poisoned Charlie.



What Masterful purposefully failed to tell Charlie was that WikiaFrog's grandfather was not aware of the poison in Charlie's tea (more in The WikiaFrog Show Episode 8: `How to Kill a Charlie`).

In the August of 2015, Sir Masterful & Charlie had managed to perfect the machines in Vangley's mind - now completely transformed into Masterful's base of operations.

Pulling one lever on the console machine induced millions of people across the world to start to fall into the eternal dream.

However, not everybody was instantly brought into the dream, and in fact, some people never made it into the dream in time before the collapse of it, this was due to Divine Intervention, God found out about Masterful's schemes, and managed to prevent certain people from falling asleep and entering the dream.

Brought into the Dream Land, WikiaFrog & his gang of misfits ventured the land looking for answers.

Multiple times WikiaFrog ran into Charlie, but what was most peculiar was that only him and very few other people could see him, Charlie was sending telepathic messages through to WikiaFrog informing him that he was his Guardian Angel, WikiaFrog rightly did not believe this claim, which had been suggested to Charlie by Masterful so as to try and get WikiaFrog to listen to Charlie.

WikiaFrog, Julie & Darwin found a time machine lying around in the Dream Land, which exploded for as of yet unknown reasons and sent them all through to Masterful's lair, with them stood Dr. Vangley, who had been brought back to life in the Dream Land (more in `The Custard Movie`).


Dr. Vangley with WikiaFrog

Finally, WikiaFrog & his gang destroyed the lair, causing everybody in the Dream Land except for Charlie, WikiaFrog & Sir Masterful to go back to their lives. (With the exception of Dr. Vangley and the other deceased, who's spirits finally faded away to rest).

God appeared in the lair, and banished Sir Masterful to Hell, but Masterful appeared to have some more tricks up his sleeve, teasing a son who would cause more trouble for WikiaFrog in the future.

With the aid of Charlie, WikiaFrog returned to his life.

(more in `The WikiaFrog Movie`)

After WikiaFrog had gone, God spoke with Charlie and - ironically - decided that Charlie really would become WikiaFrog's Guardian Angel, and instructed him to help WikiaFrog in the future.

The Dream Land incident became a major conversation point for people across the world for years to come, but would WikiaFrog be known as the one who put a stop to it...? (more in The WikiaFrog Show Episode 4: 'Darwin Has a Baby')

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