This week, the Pengu-Informer unfortunately won't be showing up due to some difficulties on Phineas99cp's side, so we're going to throw the schedule out of whack a bit and have the WikiaFrog Cinematic Universe Tidbits! section again this week, with Pengu-Informer pushed to next week, but after that we'll back in our normal groove.

Wiki News


On Saturday, Sharkzrule89 admitted to being the man behind "The Puffle Planet" and more accounts! He was forgiven.

On Sunday, Miss Sanrio (otherwise known as EmberPrismDX) unfortunately released a user's personal information, and was blocked for a month.

More bad news was due later that same day, Watatsuki was demoted for 2 weeks & blocked for one week for being Miss Sanrio's source.

On Tuesday, good news began to shine through as Lord Sir Guilmon Digital Monster XIXVI rejoined the wiki!

Stickman, The Legendary Hero Interview

Stickman hero

Custard: When did you join Club Penguin?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: December 2005, can't remember the exact day, but I do remember the month and year. :P

Custard: What was your favourite party?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Operation:Blackout for sure. We dominated Herbert's behind, and saved the island! For the 2nd time. I was actually on for all of the phases, and I have all the gear too!

Custard: When did you join this wiki?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: For this account, July 23rd [2013], in actuality, October 23rd, 2012.

Custard: How do you feel this wiki has changed since when you joined?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Let's see here. I feel like this wiki has changed a lot. Many people are leaving, and many people are retiring their rights. But it's alright. :P

Custard: When do you feel this wiki was at its best?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Well, I feel it was at its best during the "Great Account Struggle" in 2013. But it was actually at its best before the Chat Mascot rule got implemented. That's when everything went downhill, sadly.

Custard: How long does it usually take you to make an episode of "The Stickman Series"?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Usually either a week or so. Depends on my mood. But if its really short, it usually takes a day.

Custard: What is your favourite episode of "The Stickman Series"?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: My favourite episode? Wow, I have a bunch! But my favourite-est episode to make was "A Gemy Canterlot Wedding". It involves the wedding of Stickman & Flashwing, after that, my series just skyrocket-ed.

Custard: What are your plans for the future of "The Stickman Series"?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Haha, I got tons of plans! Right now, I am working on getting new animations for Stickman's weapon transformations. One of them is really epic. I am planning on having new wedding episodes here soon, so be on the lookout for that. I'm also having an epic showdown between Stickman and "Stickman's Amazing Adventures"'s main villain: Stickbot Alpha. I'm already starting on the first showdown now, but it'll take time to actually finish. There's expected to be 2 more showdowns and an epic battle. There's also going to be a new story-arc that involves Cynder getting corrupted again, and so Me, Jewel & Skye have to find out the source of why she's corrupted. There's going to be more weapons for Stickman, and Jewel's going to be harnessing more of the Imagination Blade.

Custard: So, what inspired "The Stickman Series", what were the origins of it?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Ahh, I remember making my first episode of "The Stickman Series". There was a pilot series before the first series; "Stickman's Adventures". Then Rio came along, and inspired me to make more episodes of the series. That led me to make "The First Love", the first adventure of Stickman EVER. The first official adventure, that is. Then more and more series came into my life, and Des, my former girlfriend-now-best-friend, helped me make great episodes. Then I found Wikia, and found that I could put all of my work on a wiki of my own. Apparently, making Carlos a bureaucrat was a big mistake for me...

Custard: Are there any characters in "The Stickman Series" that you'd love to bring back?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Well, I'd love to bring back Zon, but I haven't found any places for her yet. I am bringing back Cynder, since she's been away for a while. I am thinking about bringing back Defero, my old nemesis, but I'll need to figure out an episode that'll bring him back, that hasn't worked out yet... The only 2 episodes I got so far to bring him back is "Fall of Defero" and "Defero's Revenge". So I am going to be bringing back more characters than I mentioned, but everyone will just have to wait and see who they are.

Custard: Who is your favourite character in the series?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Other than myself, Jewel. She's been like an actual sister to me. :P

Custard: Who is your least favourite character in your series?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: My least favourite? Hmm... Kinda hard. I guess I would say that my least favourite character in the series is Stickbot Alpha (even though he is my nemesis), because he keeps on beating me every battle we do.

Custard: Do you think you would do well as a Chat Moderator for this wiki?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Yeah, I would do really well as a CM [Chat Moderator].

Custard: What do you think of the current Chat Moderators?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Well, let me start off with you first. I think you're doing great as a Chat Mod, and I am proud that you became a chat mod. As for C H U N K Y, he just sits there like a log and just waits to ban someone. [His words not mine!] Anyways, for WikiaFrog, I never would've expected him to become a CM, yet look where he is today! For PixieLil, I think she's doin' great as a CM. Never would've expected so many bans in one day. O_O Techman? I kinda already knew he was a CM, and he does a great job at it. :P Hypercane? He's good.

Custard: How do you feel this wiki could improve?

Stickman, The Legendary Hero: Well, if Wata would stop being a nublet, that'd be nice. [His words, not mine!] Total dictatorship...

WikiaFrog Cinematic Universe Tidbits!


Just me this time!

Did you know, that in the first WikiaFrog Movie, before the TV screen displayed "Austin & Ally", it originally also displayed a show called "Who Framed Roger6881?" (a joke a lot of you will likely understand)?

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Next week we'll also be interviewing the one, the only, NOOBLYNOB!!

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